Stuck At Home? Time To Learn Something Unique!

Learn Something Unique

Published on March 23rd, 2020

We are living in a strange period in history and we are sure it’s one we won’t forget quickly.

Whether you are working from home or can’t study at school or university, this is a fantastic opportunity to learn something new.

While there are some great courses online, we can’t spend all our time indoors being too academic as we need some creativity in our lives.

There is only so much Netflix we can watch so why not use this time to take a CPD Certified course that really gets those innovative brains active.

The CPD Standards Office have released The Unique Learning League, a list of some of the most unusual courses available online that provide a real accreditation upon completion.

1. How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

Survive A Mass Shootout

Although a zombie outbreak is unlikely, there are certainly skills within this course that are useful, especially if you are in lockdown and need to be a bit more inventive with how you live daily life.

Not that we predict a post-apocalyptic world any time soon but if you are self-isolating some things can be of use, even if it’s just something to do to keep busy.

This course teaches basic survival skills, from sourcing food from nature to learning how to properly store and preserve it so it lasts you as long as possible. There are even tips on how to survive without toilet paper.

2. How To Take The Perfect Selfie

For those who are more worried about what to do if they run out of essential beauty products rather than how to build an outdoor shelter, this one could be for you.

Overall, this is a beginner photography course and even if you are not worried about the perfect Instagram post, there are still many great skills that can be taken from this.

Photography is a great hobby, even when stuck indoors, you and learn to take photos of the birds in the garden or your family members you are with.

You can learn about lighting and how to make yourself look better, great for those video conference calls as who wants to bother with makeup when working from home!

3. Master American Slang

Long gone are the days when everyone is expected to speak The Queen’s English, the English language is constantly changing.

You may speak English as a second language and want to get a better grasp on slang so you can hold a conversation with a more natural flow.

Perhaps you aren’t keeping up with younger generations, like most of us, and have no idea what a ‘dab’ or ‘yeet’ is.

Especially if you work with kids, you can bond with them by knowing their ‘language’ and also prevent any inappropriate conversations they may be having using slang.

4. Get Dance Floor Confidence


While many of us may be devastated we can’t get our boogie on anytime soon in a public area, there are certainly those who are thankful they won’t be dragged onto the dancefloor anytime soon.

With this course, not only can you get some essential exercise in your own home but you can wow everyone next time you do go out.

Not only does it provide some simple but impressive dance moves, it also helps you to perform these with confidence.

5. Learn To Talk To Animals And Nature

While many of us are probably already having long conversations with our pets to keep ourselves sane, this course teaches you to have real connections with nature.

This focusses more on a ‘telepathic’ communication using body language and signals. We can’t guarantee you can tell your dog to stop barking at the neighbour’s cat but it may be able to provide you with the skills to feel more connected to them.

6. Build A Lightsaber

Who hasn’t wished they could become a Jedi, unfortunately, the technology to give us The Force hasn’t quite been perfected but this is the next best thing.

This course specifically teaches how to build Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber from A New Hope but with a little creativity, this can be altered to any character of your choice.

Not only will you be one step closer to being a Jedi, but you will also have learnt some basic construction skills that can easily be transferred to home DIY projects.

7. How To Inject More Excitement Into Your Life


You may simply be bored and can’t work out how what to do with all this free time or perhaps quarantine has given you so much thinking time you have realised you need a little more adventure in your world.

It is predicted that after the pandemic has blown over, many will choose a new career path after reflecting on their current roles.

This short course offers amazing advice for those who are ‘stuck in a rut’ and want to make some positive changes.

It teaches you how to stop making excuses and to boost your productivity to make some decisive changes in your life.

8. How To Be A Tour Guide In Your Hometown

Speaking of career changes, why not look into making money out of something you know well and love, your hometown.

While we don’t recommend walking large groups of people around during the current climate, once isolation is no longer required, tourism is likely to boost as people flock around to the world to desperately escape the homes they have been contained in for so long.

Learn how to educate tourists about the history of your hometown with flair.

9. How To Build A Rocket

This is great for any science enthusiast or parents trying to make the homeschooling science lessons fun.

This teaches methods for several kinds of home rockets and even gives the history behind them, that’s a science and history lesson in one!

Don’t worry, you won’t be launching anything into space soon, but you can certainly get quite a bit of height out of these inventions.

10. Train Your Dog To Walk On A Treadmill

Benefits Of CBD For Dogs

It’s not just us who needs exercise, but our pets also. While the best thing for your pooch is taking them to the dog park and letting them run, it isn’t feasible for everyone right now.

This course teaches you how to get your dog to run on a treadmill. Let’s be honest, if you already have a treadmill it probably isn’t getting the use you thought it would so why not let your dog enjoy it?

Who knows, it might be a great incentive or you to finally get back on it too.