Tips For A Better Visit At Your Local Pharmacy

Tips For A Better Visit At Your Local Pharmacy

December 1st, 2020   |   Updated on December 15th, 2020

Some of us find that a local pharmacy visit is somehow frustrating, especially when filling the prescription. Unfortunately, not all of us are acquainted with it, mostly if we get some other people to run our errands. However, it shouldn’t be that way. A local pharmacy visit should be done with a breeze, especially that they are supervised and run by trusted and professional pharmacists. 

We understand that taking care of yourself or a loved one comes is inevitable, that’s why we have laid out these few helpful tips that you can do every time you plan a visit to your local pharmacy. Check them out, and you might find them useful to maximize and get the most out of your pharmacy experience to help you receive optimal care.

The Do’s

Let’s start with some do’s that you need to remember. 

Do Check Your Medical Prescription. 

If you have gone to a doctor’s checkup to get a medical prescription, make sure you have it checked. You can ask a nurse or the clinics’ medical assistant to double-check it for you. The prescription must be complete with your personal information, as this will be used as a reference when you present it to the pharmacy. 

If it’s missing some details, you can ask them to fill it out for you. This is very important, especially for the older ones that come with no guardian.  

Take note that for some drugs such as narcotics, the pharmacist can’t personally fill in the prescription if you don’t have the original copy with the physician’s signature in it. 

Do Always Bring Your Prescription ID Card.  

Once you get things settled with your prescription, always and never forget your prescription ID card with you. For some instances, this card is different from your medical ID card. So to make sure, better bring the two with you always.

Do Recognize That Pharmacists Are Experts.

Always remember that once you visit a local pharmacy, the pharmacist in charge is the most reliable source you have about medications. If you have questions regarding a particular medication or have difficulty following the prescriptions as directed, you can talk to the pharmacist. 

They are reliable and dedicated medication experts. They can certainly give you advice on how to stick and follow your medication plan. Remember that they possess unique knowledge and practice when it comes to monitoring medication and drug use. 

Do Bring Discount Coupons.

Some people find that bringing in discount coupons at the pharmacy is silly, but we differ. As much as we would like to take care of our health and our loved ones, medications are not cheap. 

If you have given some discount coupons, maybe from your physician or from the local pharmacy itself, take the coupon to your pharmacist and present it to them once you’re about to pay for the bill. 

There’s no harm in being thrifty. Various discount coupons can save you a small amount or discount coupons for a particular drug purchase. Nevertheless, it’s out there maybe for a pharmacy or a medication promotion. Whatever the reason is, you can save some money.

The Don’ts

Now that we have learned a few do’s that can help you have a better visitor experience, here are some things that you shouldn’t do.

Don’t Assume That The Pharmacist Knows You.

Yes, you might frequently visit the pharmacy to get a refill or to get a new medication.  But even if the pharmacist is already acquainted and familiar with your face, that doesn’t mean that they know you personally. They will still ask for your ID and other personal information as this is the law that is regulated before dispensing medication. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions.

Many people tend to forget the need to ask, but it shouldn’t be. If you have questions about your medication, the procedures on how to take it, and other related problems, don’t ever hesitate to ask the pharmacist in charge. Before you leave the pharmacy, you should know the necessary information regarding your medication. 

You should know the name of the medicine, the frequency of taking it, when you should take it, what it used for, the side effects you might experience, and most especially where you should store it.

The pharmacist can provide all of this information in case you forget. So, ask questions and be knowledgeable about your prescription. 

Don’t Visit During Peak Hours

If you wish to have a quick visit to your local pharmacy, avoid visiting during peak hours. Peak hours usually fall during lunchtime and closing hours, but peak hours vary from one pharmacy to another. If you’re a frequent visitor, you can personally observe it. If you must, you can call in advance and give advice for a medication pick up if you’re in a hurry. 


Taking care of ourselves and our loved ones is not an easy task. We are responsible for making sure that they get well the soonest and are well-taken care of.

One of the responsibilities includes running errands to a local pharmacy. At first, it might be a little frustrating. But with a few tips, you next find yourself enjoying a visit, plus you might be saving some money.

Your local pharmacy is an extension of making sure your health and the health of your loved ones are being taken care of. So, follow these tips, and the next time you visit, you can do it in a breeze.