Market Your Kratom Business Legally: Everything You Need To Know


Published on October 17th, 2019

Kratom is often treated as cannabis all across the globe. Because of this reason, marketing Kratom can be a tough job, especially in 2019. The FDA has extremely strict, which has resulted in the denial of Kratom transactions. Some may consider Kratom to be an opioid (just like FDA), while others believe that Kratom offers holistic therapy to people along with many beneficial medical properties.

Before even thinking about marketing your Kratom business, you must go through the various hurdles a marketer will have to face in the process in order to run a successful business. Getting hands on Kratom is not easy for the buyer and seller, unless you want to take a trip to Indonesia.


When it comes to marketing Kratom, you will have to think out-of-the-box. If everything falls into place just the way DEA and FDA want, Kratom will soon be classified as one of the Schedule I Substances by the end of this year.

The main threats to effective marketing would be the various social channels because paid ads are not allowed. Payment processing companies and cred card companies also don’t accept orders, and e-commerce websites like eBay and Amazon won’t allow you to list your products.

If you are denied of advertising, listing, or receiving payments, how will you be able to market your product? There is no black and answer to this complicated question.

The first step would be to do thorough research on the countries/states where Kratom sales and purchases are legal. Doing local SEO and writing quality content to educate viewers and backing them with high-authority websites like medical journals could be quite useful.

1. What Does The FDA Have To Say?

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The FDA has been warning people against using Kratom supplements because it is dangerous. These statements are based on the computer analysis of the Kratom’s molecular structure along with several case reports.

On the contrary, users are giving a different statement. They claim that the plant is beneficial when it comes to easing pain and quitting addictions of drugs like opioids.

The DEA has announced that Kratom is a Schedule I drug, making it as illegal as heroin and LSD. The commissioner of FDA mentioned that Kratom compounds could affect the body just the way opioids do, making the plant dangerous.

Because of these setbacks, it is tough to market Kratom in the market these days. If they are successful in making Kratom a Schedule I drug, anyone who engages in the sale or marketing of Kratom would be considered a criminal.

2. Amazon And eBay Won’t Accept Sales.

As the DEA and FDA are against Kratom, sellers will have to be creative when it comes to selling their products. It starts from the title of their product, which include Hot Maeng Da, Super Green, and Green Malaysian are some of the famous examples.

However, people might still be directed to other products instead of Kratom products. However, it can be an aspect that you need to keep in mind, especially if you want to market Kratom products.

3. Paid Ads Denied

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Similar to other cannabis products, paid ads are not allowed for Kratom products on social media channels like Instagram and Facebook. Kratom is treated as an illegal citizen, even when it can be consumed and used legally.

The reason why Facebook isn’t allowing paid advertisements is because it wants to make big money by having billion-dollar clients.

And the most prominent clients of Facebook would be the pharma companies. If patients start self-medicating, these companies will lose business. Therefore, there are certain limitations with buying, selling, and importing Kratom products.

As of now, DEA is waiting for Kratom’s molecular analysis, making Kratom federally legal. And because of this reason, some companies are still selling these products online. If you want to get your hands on top-quality Kratom products, check out Kratom Crazy.

So if you want to market your business, you will have to be smart and creative. The best way to go would be to hire a good quality content writer. Don’t think about paid ads and SEO.

If you have somebody who will be able to write engaging articles to inform people about Kratom and ways of using it, they will surely find their way to your product. Make sure you also include the legality aspect in the articles as well to keep the potential buyers informed.

4. Payment Access Denied

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Credit card companies fear that the FDA is going to male Kratom legal federally. Because of this reason, companies are refraining from Kratom sales. If a product is illegal, a company could be blamed for facilitating illicit transactions. And billion-dollar companies don’t want to associate their business with anything that might be legal in the near future.

Because of this reason, many vendors accept money through factoring, where a second business is used to funnel the Kratom payments. It is also a felony. One way businesses are handling the payment hurdles would be with the help of offshore banks.


Kratom is considered to be a hot holistic item or product that can help in treating physical pain, addiction, and mental anguish without the need for pharmaceuticals. Just like cannabis, it has a bad reputation which is preventing its sale and distribution.

When it comes to market Kratom, you will require backing it up with scientific research. The best bet would be to go with creating quality content to educate clients. You can also go with tutorials. Optimising the articles with keywords would be your best bet for organic traffic growth.