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Everything You Need To Know About Massage Insurance

Massage Insurance

October 22nd, 2019   |   Updated on March 3rd, 2020

When you are working as a massage professional, you must have insurance that protects you and your business. There are many policies out there that you can use, but you may not know which one to choose.

The tips listed below make it easy for you to buy the best insurance policy. You can offer services with confidence, and your clients will feel safe knowing you are insured.

1. Use A Comparison Tool

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A massage insurance information and comparison tool lets you know which companies can help you, how much their services cost, and the level of coverage they can provide.

A company with a very low price may only offer the most basic coverage, but that might be all you need. If you run a business with several massage therapists, you can get a more expensive policy that offers more coverage.

2. Are You Protecting Yourself Or The Business?

Generic massage insurance will protect you as a sole proprietor of a massage therapy business. A client may claim that they were injured during one of your massage therapy sessions.

A client could claim that they are developing aches and pains because you gave them a bad massage.

Plus, the client could say that you abused them during their massage. Insurance will provide you with a lawyer who will represent you during a lawsuit. Plus, the insurance policy will pay for all malpractice damages.

3. Are You Protecting Other Massage Therapists?

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If you own a business that employees massage therapists, you need insurance that will protect all of them. You may require that your massage therapists take out individual massage therapist insurance, and you can refer them to your insurance carrier.

When you get insurance for other people, you may ask them to defray the cost of the policy. If you want a policy that covers several people, you should name all those massage therapists in your policy documents.

4. Are You Protecting Your Building Or The Office You Rent?

You may own a building where you provide services, and your insurance policy should cover the massage business location.

Business insurance will cover your expenses if you need to shut down the business due to a major storm, or you might need to use the insurance policy to pay for damage inside the building.

5. Employee Injury

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If someone gets hurt inside your building or while they are working for you, they may sue your business. Your insurance policy will pay for their claim, and a lawyer will be provided to help you.

The same is true if a vendor or visitor comes into your office and gets hurt. These people could sue your business for damages, and the insurance policy will pay your claim.

6. You Should Find An Agent

You should find an agent to help you create a policy for your business. A custom policy is easy to build, but you need to explain the exact nature of your business. When your agent is working on the policy, they can help you adjust the policy to make it affordable.

Plus, you can go to your agent for service if you need to file a claim or make a change to your policy. You may also ask your agent for advice if you have any questions regarding coverage.


An insurance policy for your massage company will help you protect yourself, your employees, and your business.

Clients might file claims against you for pain and suffering, or you might need to pay for an injury that happened inside your building.

The insurance will provide you with a lawyer, and the insurance company allows you to increase your coverage as your business grows.

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