9 Key Benefits Of A Medical Answering Service

9 Key Benefits of a Medical Answering Service

May 8th, 2020   |   Updated on May 18th, 2020

Did you know that when placed on a silent hold 52% of callers will end up hanging up the call? Those are a lot of unhappy patients and quality of care should always be the number one priority.

Having your own medical practice is a big responsibility. Finding a way to give each patient the attention they deserve might prove difficult. A medical answering service might be the perfect solution to this issue.

These services can help reduce the workload of your office staff and help manage the needs of all of your patients.

Keep reading to learn about the key benefits of getting a medical answering service for your practice.

1. Unlimited Access For Patients

No patient wants to call their doctor’s office only to get placed on hold or get sent to voicemail.

A simple question or more serious concern can give patients stress. Being able to talk to someone that can give them the correct information will ease a patient’s nerves. This will also let them know that your office values them.

If a patient calls an office after regular hours, they would usually be sent to voicemail and have to call back the next day.

When an office has a medical answering service however, operators are available 24/7 to address any patient needs and relay urgent messages directly to the physicians.

2. Better Patient Care

When a patient has a lot of trouble reaching their doctor’s office over the phone they tend to feel like their health and their needs aren’t being valued.

Having the support of a medical call line will lead to shorter hold times and less dropped calls.

When trained operators are able to reduce hold times and help your office run more efficiently patients coming into the office will receive better care. Meeting those expectations is incredibly important.

3. Get Help With Setting Appointments

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A medical office staff spends so much of their time scheduling and canceling appointments. With so many patients, mistakes can happen.

Having a medical answering service that takes care of setting and changing all appointments frees up so much time for the in-office staff to truly focus on the patients in front of them.

Computer software can allow the office team to connect to the calendar of appointments the answering service creates so there’s no need to worry about any confusion or miscommunications.

4. HIPPA Compliance To Ease Your Mind

When calling a medical answering service you want to be certain that the staff answering the phones is specifically trained in HIPAA compliance.

Most medical answering services meet this qualification so your practice can be certain that your patients’ privacy will be guarded.

A medical answering service is not only staffed with a HIPAA-compliant team but trains their staff in the medical terminology to answer common patient questions.

This will allow the medical office staff to spend less time on the phone and more time with the patients who come into the office.

5. The Support Needed During Emergency Periods

There will always be periods of time that emergencies come up. Whether it’s a hurricane or a pandemic that leads an office to close for some time, having a support team available for your patients will be an enormous benefit.

Since a medical answering service doesn’t work directly from your office, they’ll already be prepared in answering patient questions from another location.

Their ability to answer questions about appointments and give some information about medications will make things easier for your staff adjusting to working from home.

6. You’ll Save Money Long-Term

Hiring an answering service for your practice will end up saving you money as the staff is usually only paid for the calls they take.

Instead of having to hire new staff at each of your locations, an answering service can take all of those calls for you.

Hiring an answering service will help save money that would go to a new employee given a salary. You would also save on the training and equipment that would be required for a new employee.

7. Allows Doctors To Get Time Off

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Any person in the medical profession can tell you that the job is not free of stress. The hours after the workday are important for doctors to relax and unwind.

Medical emergencies can arise at any time however, so doctors will usually have to handle these situations during their time off.

A medical answering service can screen the calls that come in, help where they can, and transfer those important calls to the doctors.

This allows doctors to only take those calls that are real emergencies and enjoy the rest of their time off without having to worry about their patients.

8. A Great Source For Record Keeping

With anything in the medical field, sensitivity and privacy are crucial. Discussing patient information through an outsourced service might cause some unease but this can actually keep your practice safe from any liability.

Medical answering service benefits include a great source for record-keeping. All the calls that come in through the answering service are recorded and time-stamped.

These records are stored in a way to protect patient privacy but also to protect your practice from liability.

9. More Patients And An Increase In Profits

A great benefit to using a medical answering service is the increase in profit that is likely to occur.

Having an answering service allows your office staff to give more focus to the patients that come in. When patients receive the attention that they deserve, the chance of them changing doctors decreases.

With the answering service taking care of your calls, missed appointments will decrease as well. This overall better service will bring in more patients and ultimately increase profits for your practice.

All the Benefits To A Medical Answering Service

There are so many great benefits to using a medical answering service. The ones listed above are some of the most important ones! Check out some of our other blogs to learn more about the benefits of using a medical answering service.