How To Design A Medical Office Waiting Room That Patients Will Love

How To Design A Medical Office Waiting Room That Patients Will Love

May 8th, 2020   |   Updated on May 18th, 2020

In recent years the medical field has come to understand the importance of a positive patient experience. A key component of this positive experience is the medical waiting room itself.

In the past, if you’d seen one medical or dental office waiting room, you’d seen them all. Stark, dull, and uninviting at best, confusing and inconvenient at worst.

Now, new waiting room design concepts are helping medical practices feel more client-focused. Check out these waiting room design ideas for inspiring ways to update your medical office.

Provide A Warm Welcome

First, consider how your patients will enter your space. How can you meet their needs the second they arrive?

Nothing makes for a worse patient experience than turning up for a medical appointment and having no idea where to register or how to proceed.

This is why your medical office floor plan must ensure that your reception desk is the first thing that patients see.

From there, your medical office administration staff can welcome patients and answer questions.

Within the design of the reception area, you’ll also need to consider accessibility and ease of use. Both of these are vital for an effective and positive reception desk experience.

Consider Multiple Waiting Areas

Modern waiting room design favors the use of several waiting areas within a larger space.

This can elevate your waiting room to feel more like a cool coffee shop or the lobby of a chic hotel. And, as well as this aesthetic advantage, multiple areas help diffuse traffic flow around the waiting room.

This style also provides patients with a more personalized experience.

Dynamic design can help direct patients towards more sociable areas. In contrast, soft layered lighting can highlight more private areas.

Make Use Of Color

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Boring beige combined with stark white is no longer the color scheme of choice when it comes to waiting room decor.

The way you use color will make a huge difference in how your patients respond to your waiting room environment.

Serene shades of blue help to promote feelings of calm in a dental office waiting room.

Bright colors like orange and yellow invigorate and inspire energy. And rich jewel shades like purple, teal, and magenta convey opulence and grandeur.

Add Luxurious Details

The main function of a waiting room is to provide somewhere for patients to sit while they wait. But the typical uncomfortable chairs and outdated magazines make for a miserable patient experience.

Ensure the wait is more pleasurable with comfortable sofas and a variety of entertainment options.

Plush seating options will help them relax while interactive personalized screens, innovative artwork, and Instagram-friendly settings will keep patients from getting bored while they wait.

Inspiring Waiting Room Design Ideas

Beyond being a place for patients to wait, waiting rooms serve as an introduction to a medical practice and the values they aspire to. Caring for patients will always be a priority.

But inviting waiting room decor can help build trust, inspire confidence, and strengthen the doctor-patient relationship. For more inspiring tips and all the latest news, be sure to check out our other blog posts!


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