Online Counselling Is Shaping Mental Health In The Workplace

Mental Health Awareness

January 25th, 2020   |   Updated on April 21st, 2021

Mental health in the workplace is affecting both employees and employers. Stress, anxiety, and depression are becoming rampant at work. These mental health issues affect not only the workplace but also an individual’s social life, physical health, and family life.

Before waiting for a nervous breakdown to take action, you need to take care of your employees’ mental health. Online counseling is one effective way of doing so. Here is why.

1. Ease Of Access

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Online counseling is easy to access, whether in rural or urban areas. If your workplace is far from a town center, then online advice comes in handy. An employee can have a counseling session at the office without the need to go out.

You can book your employees’ therapy to websites such as Well Beings counselling where they can get therapy.

Counselors deal with depression, grief, trauma, anger, and stress management, among other mental health disorders. Therapists use three effective treatment methods, which are lifespan integration, solution-focused, and cognitive-behavioral therapies.

2. Affordable

Organizing online counseling for your employees will save you money in the long run. The cost of commuting from the office to the therapist reduces as they meet online.

Apart from that, as more employees open up to online therapists, they get the right therapy and return to work healing.

3. Convenient

Unlike going to see a therapist in an office, online counseling saves you the trouble. Your employees can see a therapist in the comfort of their home or the office. It takes away the stress of booking and scheduling appointments.

Most online clinics are open 24/7, allowing patients to talk to them at their convenience. It is also suitable for those who are uptight about sharing their issues with a counselor face to face.

Since there is no facial interaction, most employees who fear to talk out can easily open up through online counseling.

4. Improved Productivity

As more employees will agree to talk to an online counselor, their issues are easier to solve. With enhanced health, absenteeism cases decrease. Productivity levels also increase since those who fear to speak face to face with counselors are more likely to open up.

As an employer, your reputation among the employees becomes better. They understand you care about their health and will gladly be at your service. Both the employer and employee benefit, and the workplace becomes a haven bringing in more profits.

5. More Than Usual Therapy

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As more employees open to therapists, they also get articles on self-help advice that give more insight into their condition.

The materials are from professional therapists aimed at improving the mental health of patients. Since most communication is via email, a patient can go through them later. It helps keep up with the therapy and even see their improvement.

Most online counseling sites have different therapists dealing with different issues. It helps anyone in need with various issues since they do not have to move from one place to another, looking for the right treatment for each condition.

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