The Challenge For Healthcare Providers Is To Design And Develop A Mobile Health App That Works

The challenge for healthcare providers is to design and develop a mobile health app that work

Published on August 27th, 2020

The use of applications has entered almost every field. The healthcare industry is not behind either. It has embraced the digital transformation that comes with the entry of mobile healthcare apps. Most medical professionals have said that healthcare IT solutions are beneficial to the industry.

We can see different types of healthcare applications, some are core medical, some help us in leading healthy lives, and more. Mobile health applications help to establish a quick interaction between patients, doctors, as well as staff.

A survey says the digital health market is expected to reach $536 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 13.4%. Mobile health apps are also called mHealth apps. First thing first, read on to know what a mobile health app is:

What Is A Mobile Health App?

Mobile health apps are a digital solution to stay in contact with a doctor at any time from any place. It is everything that a doctor provides minus the hospital visit.

A patient can have a check-up for small issues and medical professionals can suggest the remedies through an application. It plays an important role in helping us maintain our fitness levels as well as mental health.

The healthcare industry also faces tough competition. To be ahead of competitors it is high time to jump into mHealth applications. But, before entering you need to know the challenges that you might have to face. Take a look at the challenges faced by healthcare providers to design and develop a mobile health app:


  • Data Privacy: One of the main concerns of any healthcare application is data privacy. Users share lots of their personal health data updates. Medical professionals also upload their information. Mobile health applications collect lots of data every day. These data need to be well protected in order to stop intruders from misusing them. Healthcare software development services can help you in making a strong and secure application.
  • Security Concern: With the increase in technology, the chances of cyber attacks are also increasing. A survey says 50% of healthcare falls prey to cyber-attacks at least once. All the payment information and user details are stored in the application. It is a must for any healthcare app to have strong security.
  • The Difficulty For Users: Healthcare apps are designed for different functionalities. Sometimes users cannot navigate through the app. This hugely discourages them from using mobile health apps. The main challenge is to make the application’s operation a cakewalk. In many cases, applications need to be attached to different devices such as blood pressure monitors, fitness bands, etc. This becomes complex sometimes. To solve the challenges and make the app work you can contact healthcare IT solutions. Apart from this, another issue that a provider needs to keep in mind is that a healthcare application targets users of a huge age range. An app should be designed in such a way that it is convenient for youngsters as well as the elderly.
  • Trust Issues: Due to privacy issues, lack of awareness, and less belief in online solutions, users are not able to fully trust mobile healthcare apps. Though this digital solution is developed to ease the lives of users as well as medical professionals, yet more trust is required from them. The higher the trust, the more will be the scalability.
  • HIPAA Compliance: Any healthcare application must follow healthcare legislation. You cannot afford to put in any random information into it as it is related to health. Information and guidelines should be well tested before adding them to the application. All countries have their own health guidelines which must be followed as per the location. Do you want to develop a healthcare application? You can take the help of android app development services.
  • Lack Of Apt Information About Demand And Supply: Demand and supply go hand in hand to have a successful growth. Healthcare providers must know the requirements of the target audience and accordingly, the app should be developed. A balance between demand and application is a must to make the application acceptable.
  • Less Patient Engagement: Patients use healthcare applications only when needed to consult a doctor or some specific purpose. To grow the application more and more engagement is required. Some features should be embedded so that users keep on coming back to the application. A healthcare software development company has a better perspective of challenges as well as solutions.

Solutions That Works

  • Blockchain Technology: Blockchain technology is one of the best solutions to ensure data security as well as privacy. It helps to share data safely, eliminating any chance of a leak. It helps in one-on-one payment without the help of any third party. It is almost impossible for intruders to steal information from the system using blockchain technology. Many healthcare providers have started to adopt this technology. Though it will take time to reach most of their users. Are you facing difficulty in implementing these solutions? You can contact android app development services.
  • Integration Of AI: The healthcare industry is at the top of the industries that use Artificial Intelligence for various purposes. AI is doing a great job in analyzing patient data and it is expected that in future AI will even be able to diagnose the disease. The uses of AI in the healthcare industry are limitless.
  • Integration Of IOMT: IoMT, short for the Internet of Medical Things, will easily allow us to attach an application with medical devices and update the health data every day. Doctors can remotely monitor the information. An Android application development company has been helping healthcare providers to develop such applications.
  • Awareness: One of the best solutions along with the above-mentioned ones is making people aware of mobile health apps and their significance. Once the application is able to build a good number of loyal users, all the challenges related to trust issues can be solved.

Wrapping Up

Healthcare applications have huge scope in today’s hectic schedules. A lot has been implemented and still, a lot more is yet to be explored! By now, you should have got an idea of the challenges that are faced by healthcare applications.

If you need any help in solving these challenges you can reach out to an android application development company.

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