What Is A Morphology Ultrasound?

Morphology Ultrasound

December 3rd, 2021   |   Updated on January 23rd, 2023

A pregnant woman can have an ultrasound scan at any stage of pregnancy, but there is a vital one that you don’t want to miss. The 19-20 week scan is crucial as it helps detect any abnormalities in the womb as the baby is growing.

The scan identifies spina bifida, the size of the baby’s head, weight, placenta positioning, and size of the cervix. You can learn more about the morphology scan from this guide.

What Is A Morphology Ultrasound, And What Does It Detect?

A morphology ultrasound is a significant scan between 19-22 weeks of pregnancy but most especially at the 20th week. It is an essential procedure for any expectant mother to undertake as it helps detect several issues.

At this stage, the baby has developed, and most organs are almost fully formed, and the scan can help identify any malformations in any of them.

Congenital heart issues, kidney problems, cleft palate, spina bifida, limb deformities, Down syndrome, and hydrocephalus are some disorders the ultrasound can help identify.

During the second trimester, I had to look for a morphology ultrasound scan near me after the doctor told me the importance of the procedure.

Early detection of some severe cases helps doctors take the necessary steps to deal with the issues enabling a baby to develop well until delivery and have no problems growing up.

Apart from the anomalies, the ultrasound can help identify the sex of your baby. Even though sometimes it may be hard to tell what the baby’s gender is, it is not impossible.

The weight and size of the fetus, number of babies, the placenta position, and amniotic fluid volume are other things that the scan can help identify.

How Long Does The Scan Take?

A morphology scan can take 45-60 minutes, but it is good to go prepared as it can take longer. It would help if you went with your bladder partially full, so you will not take much time trying to fill it since the scan requires you to have a full bladder.

Sometimes the baby or placenta’s position may make the scan harder, which may have the sonographer requesting you to return at a later date.

When To Take The Morphology Scan?

The 2nd trimester is an ideal time to take the morphology scan. It can be from the 18th to the 22nd week of pregnancy, but ideally, it should be on the 20th one.

How Does A Sonographer Perform The Scan?

After you have a full bladder, the sonographer will have you lay on your back. A specific gel will be put on your tummy and, using a transducer, the sonographer will be able to view the fetus’ images on the screen.

The sonographer may explain to you their findings, but mostly the results are sent to your doctor, who will do the explaining.

What To Do If The Findings Show Anomalies?

It is not always that there are anomalies with a fetus, but you cannot entirely rule them out. Once the sonographer is through with the scan, they send the results to your doctor.

If there are any issues, the physician or midwife may request you to undergo further tests, after which you will get a recommendation to see a specialist depending on the abnormality found.

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