3 Eye-Popping Online Shopping Trends Before It’s Too Late

Online Shopping Trends

Published on September 10th, 2019

Seeing the bandwagon pass you by means you’re late. Bandwagons can exist in several forms. It can be a technology you know about or a trend you would want to ride.

In the case of online shopping trends, you might want to get the best benefits early on whether you’re a thrifty shopper or a buy-and-sell vendor.

The Australian market for online businesses continues to thrive with a 15.1% growth, with a steady consumer base growth of 20.3 million, which is 5% more compared to last year.

So, what are the online shopping trends that are fueling this growth and how can you benefit from it before it’s too late?

1. Take Advantage of Online Deals

The number of buyers shopping online has been steadily increasing over the past decade. In Australia alone, eight out of ten people do their shopping online versus visiting the physical store.

Not to mention, they are also smart shoppers and are adept in buying items that allow them to earn bonuses or points. A classic example is making it possible for shoppers to earn Qantas points on eBay or loyalty rewards from their favorite stores.

If you’re an online customer, you might want to buy items off sites like eBay or Amazon that will allow you to earn points for every purchase.

2. A Battle of Mobile apps

Killer Apps And Tools

A study published by McKinsey revealed that customers are spending more money using mobile shopping apps compared to shopping from their desktops.

In the same report, it showed the average order value is around 130% higher compared to desktop online orders. There is also a strong indication that customers using mobile eCommerce apps are more likely to return within 30 days compared to those using desktops for online shopping thanks to user-friendly navigation and controlled notifications.

As such, more online companies are developing new mobile apps to create added customer convenience and develop more ways for customers to stay active and shopping online.

3. Young Professionals Ranked the Highest

More than 80% of buyers who do their shopping online belong to the age bracket of 24-55 years old. Many of them are working professionals who buy anything online, from event tickets to major household items.

Perhaps the biggest bulk of shoppers came from this age bracket because they grew up with web technology. For online vendors, knowing their target market means understanding the age bracket of their biggest number of shoppers. This method alone can help them decide the best offers and what to post online.

So, whether you’re looking for the best online deals or simply want to save a few bucks when shopping online, stay ahead of these online market trends. Not only will have more opportunities to earn more points, but you will also find greater deals than you would at physical retail stores.