The Best Advantages Of The PEMF Therapy Mat

PEMF Therapy Mat

October 16th, 2021   |   Updated on June 27th, 2022

PEMF has been around for a while, and researchers are still continuing to discover its numerous health benefits.

It sends electromagnetic impulses that can penetrate deep inside the body. These waves have some unique abilities to stimulate energy production by cells, which results in increasing healing, normalization of cellular functions.

PEMF mats are good in the way that they focus on the whole body. However, they are not necessarily for those living with ailments. Thus, they are suitable for regular use to prevent inflammation, chronic diseases, and boost healing processes.

Even more, these mats have numerous functions. They can alter the frequency of electromagnetic pulses for maximum benefits.

Most mats would include other functions like hot stone therapy using healing crystals, far infrared therapy, negative ion therapy, and photon therapy. Thus, they have numerous advantages.

1. Improved Muscle Relaxation

PEMF is quite good at reducing muscle tension. Further, most PEMF mats have hot stones for an increased relaxing effect. Some mats may even have photon therapy, and these rays can penetrate much deeper, causing relaxation.

Regular use of PEMF therapy may help relieve fatigue and feel energized, thus considerably improving physical performance.

2. Reduce Inflammation And Swelling

PEMF may help boost healing processes by reducing inflammation and swelling. It may also help overcome pains like those caused by arthritis. It may be suitable for inflammatory back pain.

Further, it is equally vital to understand that PEMF mat may even reduce systemic inflammation and thus slowing down the progress of chronic ailments.

3. Enhanced Tissue Repair

The US FDA approves PEMF for improving bone healing. However, its benefits are not limited to bones.

It may enhance the various regenerative processes and improve mitochondrial energy production. Thus, it may be suitable for those recovering from various acute and chronic ailments.

Further, it may be especially good for those living with various metabolic disorders when healing processes are slow, like those in diabetes.

4. Improves Mood And Help With Depression

Chronic stress and resulting anxiety or depression are very common these days. Almost every third adult will have some emotional or mood-related issues in a year.

There is strong evidence that PEMF mat may help with depression and other mood disorders. It may boost various brain centers and also normalize the production of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine.

5. Good For Brain Health

PEMF mats are not for treating dementia or Parkinson’s, but they may have numerous benefits in these conditions.

They may help improve mood and quality of life. They may even help reduce specific symptoms of these conditions due to the ability to influence various brain centers.

For example, in some individuals, like those living with Parkinson’s, PEMF may increase dopamine levels, reduce tremors.

6. Enhanced Tissue Oxygenation

There are numerous ways in which PEMF mats may work. For example, PEMF mats can increase blood circulation to various organs.

Additionally, PEMF may also help alter cellular energy production, boost metabolism, and improve oxygen utilization. All this may ultimately contribute to healing, disease prevention, and better quality of life.

7. Improve Immunity

PEMF may also help boost innate immunity. Thus, it may help fight various infections. In addition, it may be equally suitable for increasing immune response towards bacteria and viruses.

Further, it may also have a role in immune modulation, thus helping those living with autoimmune disorders and allergies.

8. Stimulates The Autonomous Nervous System

PEMF mats have a profoundly relaxing effect on the body and stimulate the autonomic nervous system.

The autonomic nervous system controls the working of all internal organs and is also essential for maintaining balance in the body.

PEMF may suppress the overactivity of the sympathetic nervous system, thus helping stay calm. It may also normalize the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system.

9. Enhance Sleep Quality

PEMF mats may improve circadian rhythm. These effects may be due to increased levels of melatonin. Thus, PEMF mats may help enhance sleep quality, and these effects are in addition to their relaxing impact on the body.

10. Boost Metabolism

PEMF mats combine numerous other technologies like photon light, heat stone therapy, infrared. Thus, they may have remarkable effects on metabolism in many cases. Therefore, PEMF mats may promote the burning of fat and may even assist in weight loss.

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