How Do Perfume Smells Make Us Feel?

How Do Perfume Smells Make Us Feel?

Published on March 18th, 2020

Perfumes are made to help us smell good. Yet, their benefits go beyond just smelling good. Different perfume scents impact us differently.

Different fragrance scents have different effects on our moods and energy. Some can boost energy whilst others take us back in time, improve our moods or even enhance our appetites.

Your chemical makeup is also highly determinant on what fragrances you will go for because it determines what you need. One can even say that your fragrance scent preferences and needs will affect your spending.

According to scientists, your sense of smell is connected to the part of the brain that affects emotions. So your emotions also determine the perfume scent you will go for.

In connection with your emotions, the selection of perfume scents is affected by many things.

So whilst you go for a scent because it’s characterized by providing soothing or calming effects, there are also other underlying factors. These may be the connection between the scent and your childhood.

Maybe your mom rubbed a certain scent on your back to soothe you or maybe it’s a fragrance you were introduced to by your sister.

So considering all these factors, you are able to experience perfume smells both in a unique as well as in a characterized manner.

Below, you will find a brief outline of how different scents make us feel.

1. Do You Need An Energy Boost

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If you need a boost to your energy and productivity, there are several scents to op for. Go for elements such as citrus and bergamot for a swift boost to your energy and productivity.

These scents are normally characterized as fresh and clean; exactly what you need to rejuvenate and wake you up. Notes of peppermint or eucalyptus are also great at rejuvenating and energizing you.

These scents don’t only energize your mind to enhance productivity. Citrusy notes such as Bergamot also help to energize and improve your mood.

So if you are stressed or feeling down, the scent of bergamot can help improve your mood. Its mix of spring and summer really has a way of brightening you up.

2. Feeling Sensual And Sexy

Do you want to feel sexy and sensual? Or make someone feel loved? Your best bet is fragrance scents such as chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon and even floral notes such as rose.

In addition, fragrances such as licorice, lavender, and jasmine are also known to greatly boost arousal.

3. Wellness And Positive Energy

France notes such as orange blossom and lily of the valley help to create a welcoming environment you feel positive and well, wearing these scents.

Additionally, these scents also help to enhance calmness. Look for more options such as sea breeze and lavender, if you want soothing and relaxation.

It is no wonder the sea breeze makes a great summertime fragrance note. The scent of jasmine is also known to offer calming and sedating effects.

You will literally picture yourself soaking in a bath or dosing off on clean white and lightly fragranced sheets.

It is also reported to help calm individuals when they are having anxiety or panic attacks because it instantly puts at ease.

And when you are stressed or mentally exhausted, a whiff of it will help to improve your mood. Its soothing and calming effects also make it a great fragrance scent for a date night.

4. Old Memories

The scent of vanilla creates that warm, homey and reminiscent atmosphere. It’s like a combination smell of freshly baked treats and freshly brewed coffee.

How can you go wrong with this smell? It is especially soothing on those days when you are at home relaxing under a throw blanket or when you are about to unwind to bed.

it’s not a bad idea for work either. And if you are really down and want to boost your mood, this scent is great. And when you want to remember the beautiful memories from last Christmas, the scent of vanilla is the way to go.

5. Confident And Sophisticated

Think of those movies with the hot bearded guy barbecuing or smoking a brisket in the woods.

This is what the effects of scents like sandalwood, cedarwood, and cinnamon would be like if you could visualize them. These scents make you feel confident and sophisticated.

And for men, they add that important layer of masculinity. These scents also invoke sensuality and mystery. For a guy, this is how you want to smell on a date night.

However, if you are feeling low, these may not be the best because of their cloudy and bold characteristics.

6. Bubbly And Feminine

This is an effect you should expect from floral scents such as hibiscus. Or fruity-floral scents that incorporate notes of pomegranate or strawberries.

These scents are bright, fresh, clean and crispy. they make you bubbly, confident and comfortable with expressing your femininity.

They give you a bright and happy mood all day, whether you are in an office cubicle or at the beach. At their confidence level translates to glass-windowed penthouse office even though you are sited in a 30 square feet cubicle.

In addition, these bubbly floral and fruity-floral scents also give that refreshing feel. You always feel fresh, clean and invigorated. Just picture it, you are hiking, you take a break, freshen up and spritz yourself with a strawberry fragrance.

7. Or Are You Looking For Mixed Feelings

And other perfumes for women even incorporate unique scents that many of us love. Imagine the faint notes of coffee. The smell of coffee triggers the release of dopamine. Dopamine is endorphins that make us happy. So, the coffee smell characterizes happiness.

These types of smell invoke a form of aromatherapy or smell therapy that helps you to relax your mind and improve your mood.

You will also come across perfume scents that have been designed to smell like some of our favorite snack items such as cookies or candy. And you just can’t go wrong with these scents.