Popular Makeup Products In Singapore

Popular Makeup Products In Singapore

May 26th, 2021   |   Updated on June 25th, 2022

Women in Singapore are always interested in using makeup products to enhance their appearance. They also like to receive cosmetics as gifts since they can use them regularly.

There are a large number of companies in Singapore and elsewhere manufacturing a wide variety of cosmetic products.

Those who are planning to shop makeup in Singapore , would like to find out which are the most popular cosmetic products in the top online stores in Singapore.

Based on research of the popularity of different products, a few of the most popular product categories are discussed.


Mineral Powder

One of the most popular makeup products at one of the biggest online stores in Singapore is mineral powder.

This product has become popular only in the last few years, and is replacing liquid concealers and similar cosmetic products.

The mineral powder is derived from the lava of the Jeju volcano in Korea, and is widely used to make the skin look less oily.

Due the tropical weather in Singapore, women will sweat more and their skin will also become oily adversely affecting their appearance.

Hence the mineral powder which is inexpensive, costing less than $10 per pack is widely used to absorb the excess oil on the face.

Lip Make Up

Women have used lip make up products for many decades to make their lips more attractive. Lipstick from all the top brands is available in different colors like red, pink, velvet, maroon.

Women can choose the color they wish based on the outfit which they are planning to wear. The lipstick is available in packaging which is easy to carry.

In addition to lipstick there are other lip related products, like lip gloss, lip lacquer, lip liner. It is advisable to remove the lipstick at night, before going to sleep, so a lip makeup remover is also available.

Eye make up


People usually first notice the eyes of the person, and women will often spend time and money to make their eyes more attractive.

Eyeliners from top brands such as Jonteblu Cosmetics are available which can be used to highlight or accentuate the shape of their eyes. The eyeliner material is waterproof so it will not smudge, even water will fall on the eyes.

Additionally eyebrow pencils are available, which are used for shaping the brows to complement the eyes.

Like the powder products, the eye products are also very affordably priced at less than $13. Many women are purchasing mascara to make their eyelashes look thicker. Eye makeup remover is also available online

Skin Makeup

Most women have scars or blemishes on their skin which adversely affects their appearance. So before applying any kind of makeup they will use a foundation or concealer to make their skin tone even.

There are a large number of foundation creams and bases from the top brands. These bases and foundations are available in different shades, so that women can easily find the product to match their skin tone.

There are other makeup products which make the skin look less oily with an oil control system, while ensuring that it is well moisturized. Nail makeup and nail polish hardeners can also be purchased online.