Roborock S5 Robot Vacuum Review

Powerful Vacuum Cleaner Roborock S5

Published on November 11th, 2019

In order to make life easier for users, many designers work night and day to design incredible devices. For example, we went from vacuum cleaner to wireless vacuum cleaner and today we have robot vacuum cleaners programmable and able to work by it.

This is the case of the Roborock S5, a powerful device that can sweep and clean any type of floor. It is defined primarily as an autonomous machine that works in your absence and without manual intervention.

It benefits from all the new technologies that you can discover quickly by browsing the whole article.

1. Multifunction Machine


Housework is not easy to do on a daily basis and it’s a chance to be able to rely on this kind of device to give us a hand.

A vacuum cleaner is really needed in every home and when it’s a dual function model like the Roborock S5 it’s even better.

Indeed, not only can this device cleanly sweep your floor but it can also clean it and leave no trace behind. It even allows you to use synchronized scanning and washing mode for even faster work.

2. Excellent Autonomy

This Roborock S5 does not require the presence of a person and therefore you will not use it manually. It’s a device that works by itself and stops when the job is done.

It is quite powerful and does not use a battery but on the contrary, it is equipped with a strong and weak battery.

To not recharge after every minute of use it is equipped with a powerful battery and able to hold for a long time.

3. Cleans All Floors

Vacuum Cleaner

The Roborock S5 is a true technological revolution that is compatible with all types of soils. No matter what house and type of tile you have, it will be able to meet your expectations. No need to change devices after a move and a radical change of soil.

With this robot vacuum cleaner, you can clean the carpets and all the different types of flooring. It offers the flexibility to switch between modes and effectively clean your floors. While on hardwood floors, hard floors, fine-grain carpets and more, simply use your Roborock S5.

You can also switch from turbo mode Maximum mode depending on the type of floor you have to clean. It is able to suck even the finest animal hairs and dirt that are on the ground.

4. Great Ease Of Use

If Roborock S5 is as easy and fast to use it is not a coincidence. It is primarily a gadget that uses no wired connection and only works with a solid battery that controls it. It offers great ease of use to everyone because it is automatic and requires no manual intervention.

It allows you to go about several other occupations as it cleans your soil thoroughly. How not to be proud to have such a device at home, especially when one is overwhelmed with daily tasks.

5. Quiet Operation

Quiet Operation

There is nothing more peaceful than having a silent device at home. When it comes to a robot vacuum cleaner it is even better because it is a machine that you will use every day. It is this calm and peace offered by the Roborock S5 for every operation.

He is very fast and efficient and yet his work is done in silence and the utmost discretion. Whether starting and stopping the engine, no noise disturbs your ear or even your surroundings. When this machine works you can watch a movie or even take a nap without any problem.

Your entourage will not know when you vacuum and it allows you to start it very early in the morning without disturbing the sleep of others.

6. Supplied With Several Accessories

Roborock S5 is a robot vacuum cleaner very small and simple to use but it has a very large amount of accessory that contributes to its proper use. What is good is that all these accessories are already integrated into the box of delivery of the apparatus.

hus, the designer makes it much easier for you and you can start your vacuum cleaner upon receipt of the package. Inside this box, you will find a charging base with a European plug, an easily washable filter and two pairs of filters for the water tank.