7 Awe Inspiring Pre Wedding Photoshoot Ideas

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Published on June 24th, 2019

Now that everything is set and you’re getting married with the love of your life, wouldn’t it be a great idea to schedule a pre-wed photoshoot with your partner? This will be a great opportunity to spend time together and visit some beautiful places.

Just like the different traditional ceremonies, arranging a pre-wedding is on an all-time high and is becoming an essential part of every wedding. Going for a pre-wedding without any homework might land you in a spot where you are totally out of any ideas. To ensure that, this doesn’t happen to you, we’ve shared a few ideas that’ll help you have an awesome photo shoot.

Here Are A Few Locations That’ll Be Perfect For Having A Great Photoshoot:

1. Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

It will be a great setting for a pre-wedding photoshoot as it’ll be quite comfortable, and you don’t even have to step outside. This will be a great first location if you decide on having multiple locations in the photoshoot, as, it’ll help you to get you started, and also to make you comfortable, posing for the photographer.

2. On The Seaside

It can’t get any better than the golden seas in the background with a perfect orange sky and a romantic sunset. Beaches are really busy with many people enjoying all around, and that’ll make finding the right angle very difficult. So, you must find a quiet spot on a weekday or a beach that is less popular for your photo shoot.

3. In A Field

If you’re planning to have a pre-wedding photo shoot in a field then you can actually select between a farm and a garden, or, can even select both. It is sure that natural beauty will greatly enhance the wedding photography and will create some of the most amazing outputs.

4. Abandoned Places

Some abandoned houses or fortresses will prove to be really good and will help render some of the most unforgettable images. There are a number of endless ways by which you can get creative with them.

Even an old fallen tree, with all it’s dried out branches, will make a great setup. You can also go ahead and include the places in the city where you frequently spend time together, as this will give the photographs a personal touch.

5. Famous Landmarks

Taj Mahal, India

By some famous landmarks, we don’t mean that you should travel the world and include all the Seven Wonders of the World. However, if you can accommodate even a single one, then it would be great. You can also include the local landmarks or some of the most popular hangout places in your city, that’ll immediately be recognized by the guests when you showcase these photographs at the wedding.

6. Under The Water

You can choose from various candid photographers in Mumbai, who are expert in clicking some of the best underwater images. Clicking the images underwater requires a special set of skills and some additional gear too, so you must ensure that the photographer can arrange for these things. You might have to give an additional of 2-3 days of your time to the scuba diving lessons that’ll be essential before going ahead with the whole process.

7. Rainfall

Is it a rainy season? Then, you’re definitely in luck, as you’ll get some amazing pictures because the weather opens up after the rain and you can be sure that there’ll be an absolutely gorgeous sunset. You can go ahead and have fun in the rain with your partner and I can guarantee that these will make really good candid images.

These were some ideas that’ll be great to introduce in your pre-wedding photo-shoot. A pre-wedding photo shoot will surely help you capture some of the most amazing memories that you can cherish for your whole life.