Top 4 Profitable NFT Games!

Profitable NFT Games!

December 17th, 2021   |   Updated on December 18th, 2021

The concept of NFT is not new, as a developer created and minted the first NFT in 2017. Since 2017, NFTs have been in the limelight. The industry that NFTs have enticed to an exceeding extent is the gaming industry.

NFT, means non-fungible tokens, and a combination of NFTs with conventional gaming is quite lethal. However, combining these two leads to a better and more profitable gaming industry.

The games ensure complete control of a player on the in-game items. NFT games are also based on a public ledger or blockchain like cryptocurrencies. If you are interested in bitcoin trading, visit cryptoengine app .

In NFT games themselves, there are three possible methods to generate revenue, first is to sell in-game flip items into a marketplace like trading of NFTs.

Secondly, you can create an in-game item by following the in-game process, and third, you can buy in-game rewards directly from pancake swap or any other exchange platform and hold it. Here is a list of the top profitable NFT games.

Axie Infinity!

The core concept of Axie Infinity resembles the popular game Pokémon go. Axie Infinity uses a bright chain or blockchain of ethereum and has its blockchain for maintaining a record.

In Axie Infinity, players groom and purchase in-game characters or creatures named Axis. Players are supposed to battle their digital or virtual pets in the game. Players can profit by selling off or trading their digital pets in the third-party marketplace.

Axie infinity was the only game to blow up the NFT gaming industry. Playing Axie Infinity is straightforward. To start your venture in these NFT games, you need to collect or buy three digital pets.

Axie infinity offers SLP as a reward for winning games. Axie infinity comprises numerous modes, and all of these modes are utterly engaging. To increase the strength of a digital pet in this game, a user needs to pay SLP. SLP is also available in some markets.

Gods Unchained!

Free play to earn NFT games are booming, but only a few of these games have handsome profit potential and gods unchained is one of these games. Since the game is free to play, players don’t need to invest any money to purchase the in-game cards. A player can win in-game cards by either competing with other players or buying them from the marketplace for free. One player can defeat another player based on potential or power. The in-game currency of gods unchained is gods.


Sandbox is an innovative NFT game, unlike other NFT play to earn games. In this voxel game, a player can create different in-game items and assets on his own.

Sandbox platform offers all the necessary tools and equipment a user needs to create an artwork—subsequently, forming an art box using.

Sandbox, one can quickly sell it in the marketplace. In addition, the sandbox has its currency named SAND. SAND is currently one of the popular tokens as this currency’s price has skyrocketed in the past few weeks.

Crypto Miners

Crypto Mines is famous as the most straightforward NFT game to play. In Crypto Mines, a player must buy a fleet for an expedition on different planets.

The workers present in that explicit fleet have a specific mining power. The mining power of workers allows them to visit different planets in the game.

Each planet offers you different rewards with different success rates. For example, the success rate of the first planet in crypto miners is 85%, and a player needs 100 MP workers to visit this planet.

The in-game currency of crypto mines is known as Eternals. The market value of Eternal recently reached $800, but it is currently trading at $24.

NFT gamers suggest that it is the best time to enter this game. Moreover, crypto mines are based on an oracle system, which means the game’s reward changes according to the price.

Suppose the value of eternal falls by 50%, the reward of this game will increase by 50%. It demonstrates that the entry price of this game will always remain the same.

These are some excellent NFT games.