How Your Company Can Promote Wellness In The Office

Promote Wellness In The Office

February 11th, 2021   |   Updated on April 13th, 2021

Having a healthy workspace with happy staff is one way to increase employee satisfaction, boost worker productivity, and in the long run, elevate customer satisfaction.

As your workers spend a significant portion of their day in the office, they deserve to have a work environment that respects their health and wellness. And so, here are some ways to promote good health in your workplace.

Create Room For Health Education.

Create room for health education.

Not all your employees will have an understanding of how to look after their health at work. So, providing extra information on preventing problems caused by bad working practices will certainly come in handy.

Also, try to encourage healthy behaviors through employee wellness programs. This includes encouraging physical activities or arranging health education wellness meetings with qualified speakers.

More importantly, you can run a periodic health risk assessment every once in a while. This way, you’ll gradually have your employees’ corporation.

They’ll ultimately understand the importance of maintaining good health both in their personal lives and at the workplace.

Make Breaks Mandatory.

Research shows that the majority of visits to primary health-care physicians are mainly stress-related. Studies further suggest that these issues mostly stem from occupational pressures.

Stressed-out workers mean more unhealthy staff and minimal productivity—resulting in increased absenteeism and hospital visits. Since stressed employees can’t work to their full potential, your company’s finances could suffer.

Another effective approach is to implement specific downtime periods. During such times, you can encourage extracurricular activities, short workout sessions, or even facial treatments or body massages.

You can also offer financial incentives or vouchers for esthetician visits. This will be highly appreciated by staff who have various health-care and skin-care concerns.

Encourage Healthy Lunch Breaks.

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Nutrition plays a massive role in our general well-being. If your company has subscribed to a lunch service or has a cafeteria, you can suggest a menu that’s packed with rich nutritious meals and inspire a balanced health plan.

As much as possible, avoid junk food. Only highly nutritious foods packed with vitamins should be available.

That being said, be aware that sustaining such workplace practices can be expensive. However, it’s a worthy investment that yields good productivity results.

If your staff have to step out to get food during their breaks, you can offer them discounts to healthy food shops as an incentive to keep up their nutritional health plan.

This way, they’re more likely to opt for foods that are high in protein and fiber. This will also deter them from fast food joints. Also, give realistic time frames for lunch breaks. Short breaks leave people more vulnerable to unhealthy eating options like fast foods or snacks.

Take Mental Health Seriously.

While physical health is significant in promoting wellness in your office, mental health is also of the essence.

You can’t talk about over-all wellness without good mental health. Technically, most of the work done in the office space relies massively on the brain’s capacity to function efficiently.

You could invest in a robust HR or counseling department and encourage employee participation.

This is vital because extreme exhaustion, stress, and mental health issues without intervention, could lead to insomnia, high blood pressure levels, increased risk of heart diseases, anxiety, or even depression.

Encourage Physical Movements Throughout The Day.

Encourage physical movements throughout the day.

Most office jobs involve long hours of sitting and munching on snacks. As a result, office workers often find themselves malnourished due to unbalanced nutrition during the day.

Too long sitting in one spot can result in insufficient exercise. Going through the same immobile and unbalanced diet cycle year in and year out is very unhealthy.

You can encourage a healthy corporate culture by instituting a physical health plan with short periods within the day where employees are motivated to participate in mandatory stretching exercises or walk around every other hour.

They could have treadmill desks if possible, or you could encourage the use of stairs instead of elevators.

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