9 Ways To Enhance Your Streaming Netflix Experience In 2021 & Beyond

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December 23rd, 2021   |   Updated on June 25th, 2022

Netflix is the most effective way to blow off some steam after a long day or pass the time when there is nothing more to do. Everyone enjoys streaming Netflix but there are ways to further enhance your Netflix experience and take binge-watching to the next level. Here are some phenomenal hacks that are sure to help. 

1. Using a VPN to Unlock More Netflix Content

It must be mentioned here that Netflix content available for streaming to you is based on your location. If you’re accessing Netflix from the US, the content you can stream is very different from what will be available in the UK or Europe. So, using a VPN to spoof your location will allow you to access more Netflix titles than ever before. 

The only thing you need to be careful about here is that Netflix detects if you’re using a VPN. And in case Netflix identifies you’re using a VPN, it will show the Netflix proxy error to you and prevent streaming.

The best way to resolve Netflix proxy and unlock more content is by using a reliable VPN known to successfully bypass Netflix’s content restrictions. 

Here is a list of the best shows streaming on Netflix right now, and accessing all of these will require you to bypass Netflix’s geo-restrictions.

2. Using Category Codes

Many people complain that their Netflix homepage has become monotonous as it keeps recommending the same shows and the same genres all the time.

This happens because Netflix tries to show you more of what you like, consequently, your recommendations get aligned with your recently watched shows and that is bound to become boring.

Good news, there is nothing to worry about as the situation can be remedied with a little information regarding Netflix codes. On Netflix, you can find a total of 76000 hidden categories ranging from Slasher and Serial Killer Movies to Independent Dramas.

To find these category codes you can refer to the Netflix URL: the last four digits in the web address are the category code. For example http://www.netflix,com/browse/genre/55774 the 55774 is the category code for stage musicals, similarly, Classical musicals is 32392 and so on. 

2. Get the Super Netflix Extension 

A free of charge extension known as Super Netflix is available for Google Chrome users. This extension provides you with an enhanced streaming experience by allowing you to choose your video quality rather than having Netflix automatically adjust it for you.

Truly this is an ideal solution if you wish to save data or enhance video quality on a Wi-Fi connection. Moreover, Super Netflix also has other perks like blurred blot descriptions and thumbnails to avoid spoilers, automatically skipping show intros and adjustment of video colour contrast and brightness. 

3. Disable “Are you still watching” Prompt

The Never-Ending Netflix extension is nothing short of a blessing for all the binge-watchers out there as this extension saves you from the hassle of clicking on “next episode” every single time by automatically moving onto the next episode, skipping overall title sequences as well as disabling the “Are you still watching” prompt. As if all those perks weren’t already enough this extension allows us to search Netflix by genre. 

4. Make More Room on Your Home Screen

Despite being remarkably entertaining, Netflix Originals do have its limitations and it is only natural for us to want something other than the streaming service’s own production.

Luckily No Netflix Originals exists and it provides you with the unique option of erasing all Netflix originals from the home screen so that everything else Netflix has to show is visible. 

5.  Clear “Continue Watching” Queue

The continue watching tab can easily become crowded while we test different shows to determine which one is the most binge-worthy.

Clearing out your “continue watching” queue can give you a better view of the shows you actually wish to watch and improve your streaming experience by making it easier to pick out a show. 

6.  Enable Audio Descriptions so You Don’t Miss a Thing

If multitasking is your second nature but when it comes to Netflixing you lose to the impracticality of the whole thing let me tell you a secret concealed in the depths of the streaming service settings known as “Audio Descriptions” this feature narrates all activities happening on the screen turning your favorite shows into podcasts or audiobooks. 

7. Rotate the Video so Binge-Watching in Bed Isn’t a Pain

Netflix Flip is a treat for anyone trying to catch up on their shows right before shut-eye. This chrome extension flips your laptop screen to 90 degrees saving you from the hassle of exhausting your neck with bad posture in bed. Now the experience of watching Netflix in bed can truly be a relaxing one. 

8.  Sort Movies by Year

If you are not sure of which sequence to opt for while streaming sequels of a movie you can use this easy hack to sort tv shows and movies chronologically in the web browser. 

To do this click on the box with the four dots inside it and then when the suggestions dropdown menu appears select the option that allows you to sort by year of release. This can also be done to change the sequence to alphabetical order. 

9.  Request That you Favorite Titles be Added

Despite the wide selection, Netflix doesn’t consist of all the shows or movies produced. Moreover, many titles have expiration dates that lead them to disappear after a while.

It can be a bummer if your favorite show is taken off the streaming service when you’re only halfway through it and so Netflix has arranged for live chat options through which you can request a show on Netflix. This might not work but is still worth a try.