5 Helpful Tips To Ensure Your Fridge Runs Smoothly All Through Summer And Beyond

April 20th, 2019   |   Updated on June 28th, 2022

A refrigerator is most likely the only electronic appliance in your home that’s always running. The value adds to everyday life is instrumental in shaping your lifestyle, as it affects the way you store and consume food, even to the point where you only purchase food if there is room for it in your fridge! Though the invention of refrigerators goes back to the year 1913, a century of improving the traditional single door fridge has brought us to the era of smart fridges that can read recipes or suggest dishes for you based on what you have stored!

While smart fridges haven’t still made it into every household, most households today own a refrigerator. However, refrigerators, just like any other frequent-use machine, are subject to wear and tear. From the numerous moving parts to the condenser coils, refrigerators need regular attention for smooth functionality. Neglecting this responsibility raises your chances of having that inopportune breakdown on the day of your big family dinner, and you don’t want that.

While you may think that refrigerator breakdowns are only caused due to technical issues or faulty parts, this is not always true. Regularly maintaining your refrigerator reduces the chances of any internal breakdown.

To know exactly what you can do to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your refrigerator, read on:


1. Keep Your Condenser Coils Clean

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Your condenser coil plays an important role in the proper functioning of your fridge. Located at either the back or under the fridge, the coil works as a heat sink for your condenser. It diverts heat away and ensures that your condenser doesn’t undergo additional stress to function efficiently.

Clean the coils from time to time in order to restrict the build-up of dust or fur. This way, your fridge does not have to run over time in order to stay cool. There are a few risk-free ways to clean these coils. Turn off your refrigerator and use a vacuum cleaner or a thick bristled brush to clean the coils efficiently. Employ this method to clean the coils every few months to improve their longevity.


2. Ensure Your Temperature Gauges Are Accurate

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Having your fridge’s temperature set accurately and at the optimum level will ensure that the internal temperature is just right. If your refrigerator doesn’t have a system that can display the temperature, you can use a thermometer to find out. For the best cooling results, you should have your fridge at 2° Celsius and your freezer at -17° Celsius.


3. Perform Weekly Wipe-Downs And Check For Any Damage

Performing weekly wipe-downs is important to maintain cleanliness within the fridge. It also gives you a chance to check for freshness and maintain the life of products kept within. When cleaning your fridge, a simple mixture of warm water and liquid soap solution works best. Empty trays and remove bins completely to ensure that there is no frost build-up.


4. Defrost Your Fridge Regularly

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Refrigerators employ a device called an evaporator to circulate cold air inside. Every time you open your fridge, warm air that contains water vapour enters in and condenses to form frost. Over time, the accumulation of frost inside the fridge and on the evaporator will cause the fridge to inaccurately gauge the true temperature of the fridge and leave the air inside warmer than you want it to.

Manually defrosting the fridge stops such frost formation, which increases the longevity of the components in your fridge. To avoid this step of maintenance, you can opt for the new frost-free refrigerators.


5. Check Gaskets And Rubber Seals For Leakage

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Loose seals or gaskets allow the cool air to seep out, which will cause your fridge to work overtime and consume more power just to maintain its temperature. Cleaning also ensures that these seals are free of food residue or any other substance that may compromise its integrity. In the case of a loose seal, get it checked and replaced by a professional.

Making the effort to maintain your refrigerator is extremely rewarding. While also ensuring your refrigerator gives you the best performance, good maintenance also keeps your fridge energy efficient, thereby saving you a significant amount in terms of your power bills.
However, when the time comes and it will, you must be ready to upgrade your refrigerator, especially with the summer season fast approaching and proper cooling becoming even more important.

Upgrading your refrigerator allows you to take advantage of new technology, and with every passing year, refrigerators are a lot more energy efficient. For all these benefits, newer double-door fridges and smart fridges can cost quite the sum.

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