7 Reasons Why You Should Rent A Trade Show Booth In Chicago

Trade Show Booth In Chicago

Published on June 12th, 2019

Trade shows in Chicago experience high degrees of competition and constantly evolving brand messaging and themes. Are you planning an exhibit in one of the many trade shows held in Chicago?

If yes, you need to come up with unique trade show booth designs. Are you torn between buying a trade show booth and renting one?

Below We Consider Why Renting Is Of Benefit To Anyone Willing To Take Part In A Trade Show:

1. Save On Time And Money

Save Time

Participating in trade show events requires sacrifice in terms of money and time. If you have a tight schedule to keep, you may consider renting a trade show booth. Companies that offer rental services come in handy during installation time and when you need to dismantle your booth.

They hardly charge for storage fees and freight to and from the show is within in the rental package. This saves time as you are able to focus on the exhibit and let the rest be taken care of.

2. Unique Image

Every leading brand in a trade show seeks to be unique. Looking for a rental service enables you to get a customized booth according to your taste and preferences. This will make sure you stay ahead in the competition and attract visitors to your booth.

Purchasing a booth will be expensive thus renting is an option. You get to spend your budget on graphics and imaging which are components of a successful trade show booth rentals Chicago. This increases market appeal.

3. Flexibility

 Trade Show Booth In Chicago

There are many trade shows in Chicago. Different trade shows attract diverse attendees. You need to cater to all these people that’s where renting comes in handy.

You can change your exhibit structure and graphics strategically to appeal to the target audience in any kind of show.

3. Trial Run

Are you having a hard time selecting the right choice of a booth that will work for you? Worry not. With renting services on gets the benefit of testing a booth rental before investing in it.

This will help you select the best structure that will meet all your requirements.

4. Upgrades

Trade shows experience unique exhibits each time. To keep up with the various trends one can opt for renting. Here, your money isn’t tied to a structure that will go on waste.

Renting allows you to invest in new graphics that the market has to offer. An all-around upgrade enables you to stay current and have an edge against competitors who use old exhibits.

5. Overlapping Shows

At times you may experience overlapping dates. Renting offers you an opportunity to exhibit at additional shows using smaller or larger exhibits. This depends on show size and target audience.

6. Growth


There are different sizes of trade show booth rentals in Chicago. Renting make it easier to grow from one size to another. This will depend on what you intend to display or the nature of business.

It’s a way that enables you to use your money wisely without feeling you have dead money taking up space in your warehouse or another rental facility.


Renting trade show booths is worth considering. With the numerous trade shows taking place every week, you need to keep up with the changing trends to attract your target audience.

They, in turn, come to where you are and consider buying your brand. A rental booth is a small investment that is sure to generate lots of profits. Why not consider it today!