Types Of Gopro Cameras – What To Choose?

Types Of Gopro Cameras

September 17th, 2019   |   Updated on May 23rd, 2020

What will be the best GoPro battery and camera? A question by millions of users.

  1. Which GoPro is best?
  2. Why should I buy?

These questions came from those who decided to buy the most famous sports camera in the world! The most popular series of the GoPro series HERO 4, HERO 5, HERO6 and HERO 7 come from this series.

We will do our best to choose the best camera and their batter for our needs. What will be the best GoPro battery and camera?

The developers offer various models: HERO 4, HERO 4 Silver, HERO 4 Black, HERO4 Session, HERO 5 Black, and HERO5 Session, as well as the new HERO 6 and 7 Black cameras.

If you know the best black HERO before then it’s not that easy. Developers openly try to consider the different uses of their products.

For example, someone uses a camera for professional activities when shooting TV videos and movies. In this case, of course, you need a “black” series (for example, Hero 4 Black).

It is also appropriate for amateurs to produce high-quality personal videos using the highest quality video editors as well as “protune” mode. Because you can harvest at high resolution.

Therefore, if you run a 1080p project, you can save 4K / 30 and if you resize 1080p, the quality will not be lost. It is also useful to stabilize video in various applications.

1. Hero 4 Silver:

Hero 4

The next model is HERO 4 Silver. The biggest difference from “4 Black” lies on the back of the camera and the recorded 4K / 15 touch screen.

15 frames per second – it’s very small, meaning no one can use this mode. The maximum resolution of 30 images is 2.7K, which is not enough. The HERO 4 Silver model is suitable for amateurs and professionals.

HERO 4 Black and HERO 4 Silver comes with a replaceable battery. Very convenient, you can buy an extra battery and replace it if you need it, without worrying about its precious purpose.

Unlike the older model, the camera is equipped with a non-removable waterproof housing and a built-in battery. No WiFi and Bluetooth. The highest resolution is 1080p / 30.

The biggest advantage of the HERO 4 camera is the price! Very little money, video quality is very good. This camera is for users who simply want to take a video and do not plan to spend time on video editing and special effects.

To date, there are two versions of HERO 4+ and HERO 4+ LCDs. The frame rate increased to 60 in 1080p, while WiFi and Bluetooth also appeared.

The HERO 4+ LCD model comes with a display, but at a slightly higher price, but the model is no longer available and the new HERO 2018 has replaced the one that looks like a “sixth black” with a removable battery.
Hero 4 Session (144P30) Vs Hero 5 (4K30)

Both models have the same drawbacks (built-in battery), which is smaller and more convenient, but at a slightly different price. We did not take into account all the camera features and shooting modes, as we will try to create a GoPro comparison chart in the HERO 4/5/6/7 series in an article separately.

2. Hero 5 Black:

Hero 5

Hero 5 Black is actually a HERO 4 Black (in terms of video quality, the maximum resolution of both cameras is 4K / 30 frames), but it has its pros and cons:

Pros: The touch screen is integrated (sold separately for HERO4); The video stabilizer appears, but the frame “consumes” approx. 10% (you can use various programs on your computer to stabilize the video); Waterproof, without box, up to 10 meters long (box up to 45 meters)

Cons: The kit does not have a separate protective case (sold separately, we recommend you buy it because you can ruin the screen or lens and the water in the microphone hole without a box)
The camera gets bigger.

There is no mechanical button to adjust the camera (photo-video recording mode selection) An unconfirmed screen. (Sometimes it takes too much time to change state)

3. Hero 6 Black:

Hero 6

Hero 6 Black is a fact, just like HERO 5 Black, but the maximum resolution of 4K is now 60 images, but there are pros and cons:

Pros: The touch screen responds faster. The new processors developed by GoPro work faster (they have used “external” processors in the past); Color rendering becomes more natural (depending on the manufacturer) Full HD 240 slow-motion pictures – in our opinion, this is the biggest advantage of this camera!

Cons: As before, the kit does not have a separate protective case; The camera is still very large.

4. Hero 7 Black:

Hero 7

This differs from the new Sixth Enhanced Image Stabilization, Vertical Shooting Mode (fun on Instagram) and online video streaming features (currently only Facebook) An easily redesigned menu. The difference in firmware is mainly.

5. Hero 7 Silver & White:

The benefits include a touch screen and an affordable price. Disadvantages – Battery not removable, no “loopback” function, no HDMI connection, it is not possible to connect an external microphone, nor via an adapter.

Unlike “7 white”, “7 silver” includes image stabilization, HDR photography, and GPS. Both have voice control. Since the HERO4 black and silver series, 5Session and 4Session have stopped, the selection is currently very limited and we must choose to sell it today: 5/6/7 Black, HERO2018, 7 Silver and 7White.