5 Wedding Themes That Never Fail

Unique Wedding Entertainment Ideas

March 17th, 2021   |   Updated on March 1st, 2024

2020 wasn’t exactly the best year in the world to have a wedding planned. If you had a 2020 date in your diary and you were able to go ahead with it the way you originally intended to, you’ve been very lucky.

Most people had to scale back their special day, and that’s if they were able to go ahead with it at all.

In a lot of cases, dates have been pushed back to 2021 in the hope that things will be better in the year to come.

While it’s never pleasant to have to postpone something so important, the best thing to do now is to make sure it’s an even bigger celebration than it would have been the first time around.

To make your special day go with a bang, you might want to consider a special wedding theme. Adding a theme to your wedding allows you to put a splash of your personality on it and also provide entertainment for guests.

We’ve all been to weddings where there was an awkward pause after dinner where nobody knew what to do, but a theme could help you with that. All you have to do is pick the right theme – and that’s easier said than done!

There are some wild and zany wedding theme ideas out there, but if you stray too far from the straight and narrow, you could end up being featured in your local newspaper as a wedding disaster.

Nobody wants that to happen to them! Unless you’re very confident about your ability to pull off one of the more ‘unique’ themes, you’ll probably do better sticking to one of the tried-and-tested concepts. To help you make that decision, here are a few wedding themes that never fail!

1. Beach Wedding

You don’t actually have to go to the beach – or even anywhere near the sea – for a beach wedding.

You’re welcome to do that if you want, but if it’s impractical or too expensive to do so, you can bring the beach to you instead! Getting this right will involve picking a summer date for your wedding and hoping the weather is on your side, but nobody has control over that – not even at a real beach wedding! Import some sand, consider a few palm trees, and ask people to wear their best Hawaiian beach gear.

Beach weddings tend to feel less relaxed and formal than traditional weddings, and so guests are inclined to have more fun at them. So will you!

2. Disney Wedding

We get that not everybody loves Disney, but we suspect there are more people who do than people who don’t. Going to Disney to get married has become popular with celebrities, and what’s popular with celebrities eventually becomes popular with everyday people.

The problem with that is that Disney venues aren’t cheap at the best of times, and asking people to part with hundreds of dollars to come to your wedding might result in a low attendance.

If you can’t go to Disney, bring a little Disney to wherever your wedding is with a fairytale castle, costumes, and a general sense of childhood wonder. Weddings are supposed to be magical, and what could be more magical than Disney?

3. Great Gatsby Wedding

You can consider this a ‘two for one’ category, because we’ll include the broader category of ‘vintage’ with the more specific theme of “The Great Gatsby.”

Vintage weddings have been popular for the past decade, but thanks to this movie, the 1920s have recently become the vintage era of choice to dress up your wedding. We’re talking art-deco-everything, vintage champagne, photographers dressed up like the press with trenchcoats and hats, and flapper dresses.

No wedding could look classier, and the added bonus is that finding vintage clothing is often cheaper than buying new suits and dresses for a ‘normal’ wedding.

You could even treat the bar like a speakeasy. This is a theme you could go as far with as you wish, and have a lot of fun in the process.

4. Country Wedding

It’s likely that this idea won’t appeal to many people outside of the United States of America, but to those who ‘get it,’ it makes for a perfect day.

Why wear a white dress to your wedding when you could wear dungarees? Why have people worrying about cummerbunds when they could be picking out stetsons instead? Country weddings are rustic and are often held at old farmhouses where there’s a barn that could be used as a reception venue. We don’t know about you, but we love a barn dance at the end of the night.

We’ve even seen a few people go ‘the whole hog’ with this idea and get animals involved – although we’d understand if that was a little too much for you!

5. Casino Wedding

This is all about giving your guests something to do other than looking to you for entertainment. The idea of going out to a casino might not be as popular as it used to be thanks to the existence of online slots websites, but there are certain things that a real casino can do for you that an online slots website can’t.

So long as you can find a licensed venue and a few qualified professionals, your wedding could come complete with card tables, a roulette wheel, and rows of slots on both sides of the room.

Some firms specialize in this theme, delivering all the goods and then coming back to take them away the following day.

Perhaps it’s the fact that everyone dresses up in tuxedos and cocktail dresses, and there’s an expectation to look your best. This is one for the high rollers!

Is this an exhaustive list of good wedding themes? Absolutely not. Is it a great list to get started with? Definitely! If all goes well, you’ll only ever get married once.

Don’t have a day like everyone else does. Pick a theme, and make special memories that will leave all your guests in no doubt that yours was the best wedding they’ve ever been to!