Tips In Finding A Wholesale Diamond Dealer In South Lake

Wholesale Diamond Dealer

May 10th, 2022   |   Updated on July 12th, 2022

Wholesale diamonds can be a good choice for buying diamonds since they are more affordable and yet of the same quality as those in the retail stores. Get your precious diamonds from a wholesale diamond dealer in South Lake, several wholesale dealers are legit to deal with just make sure to check on them and find the diamond you are looking for.

Know The Difference Between Wholesaler Vs Retailer When Buying A Diamond

Before buying a diamond it will be good to differentiate wholesale vs retail details of diamonds to know what is best for you. Here are some of the differences of retail and wholesale diamonds:

  • Wholesale diamonds have a more affordable price since they don’t put too much mark up because they don’t need middlemen to move their products since they deal with clients directly. Unlike a retail store that gets diamonds from the source through several middlemen, that’s why they sell diamonds at a higher price.
  • Wholesale diamond dealers don’t often advertise their products a lot since their customers approach them by recommendations and customers are the ones contacting them because of the low prices of their diamonds. Retail stores, on the other hand, need to advertise their products therefore the expenses are added to the cost of the diamonds including other operational expenses.
  • Wholesale diamond stores have more variety of products which means you can have more choices if you opt for a wholesale store. Retail stores can also have a lot of variety of products but less than wholesale diamond stores.

What Makes A Diamond Expensive?

There are several reasons why diamonds are expensive and these include: the demand for diamonds in the market, the process of acquiring them requires a long time plus effort should be exerted before they can be taken from the source and lastly they are not always available.

How To Choose A Diamond Dealer In South Lake?

When choosing a diamond dealer check on the following factors:


The reputation of diamond dealers can reflect the quality of their products as well as how they take care of their customers. You can check the diamond dealer’s reputation by checking their online platforms since most of them have pages that allow customers to make reading or feedback.

Years Of Existence

Longer diamond dealers mean they have been doing the industry for years and this can be equal to good quality of diamonds and a good relationship with customers. Otherwise, they will not be continuing their business if they have bad records or if their diamonds are not good.

Variety Of Diamonds

Diamond dealers who have more variety of diamonds can get more customers since they can have a wide variety to choose from. So go for diamond dealers who have updated diamond stocks and updated designs as well.

Why Do You Want To Work With A Diamond Dealer?

Working with a diamond dealer can be a better option if you are planning to have customized diamond jewelry. Wholesale has lost diamonds and you can choose what type of shape your diamond will be plus you can choose the metal and setting to be used as well.

What Should You Expect From A Diamond Dealer?


Honest diamond dealers are better to deal with since they can be transparent when offering you their diamonds. They can offer you their best and yet most affordable available stocks.

Good Diamond Price Offer

Getting a diamond at its most affordable price is a good deal. Asa buyer makes sure to have ideas on the worth of diamonds in that way this can be your basis if the offer is indeed good. Comparing offers from different wholesale diamond dealers in South Lake can also be good so you can know who offers the lowest.

Familiar With Diamonds

A diamond dealer should be familiar with all aspects of diamonds, not only the 4cs but also other details of the diamonds they are selling.

Hope these tips in finding a wholesale diamond dealer in South Lake can lead you to a good diamond dealer so you will be able to buy the diamond that you want at the most affordable price.

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