20 Things Women With Gorgeous Skin Do Every Day

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November 23rd, 2017   |   Updated on March 29th, 2024

The world would have us believe that there are no simple and inexpensive natural beauty tips and tricks. We all secretly desire beautiful looks and flawless complexion. Get the latest homemade 20 natural beauty tips for gorgeous skin for girls, and women.

1. Get ample sleep.

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Put your devices to bed an hour before you tuck in. “The goal is to try to unplug, shut down any connection, and just allow yourself to sleep and fully, fully rest. Ideally, get eight hours of sleep.


2. Apply a face mask weekly.

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If your skin is on the drier side, opt for a moisturizing mask that contains glycerin or hyaluronic acid such as Eve Lom Moisture Mask. If you’re more oil-prone, then alternate between an exfoliating mask.


3. Clean your phone daily.

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And don’t press it directly against your skin when talking either. Your phone is a breeding ground for germs.


4. Wear sunglasses year-round.

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Sunglasses have multiple important protective effects,” says Dr. Karen. “Not only can they protect your actual eyes from UV-inflicted damage both acute and long-term, but they also protect the fragile surrounding skin against fine lines and brown spots.


5. Gently exfoliate.

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Depending on your skin type, use a chemical peel like a glycolic acid or AHA, soft scrub, or try derma-planing over to remove dead skin for a glowy, glass-like finish. Exfoliating one or two days a week is enough.


6. Don’t binge on junk food.

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We aren’t talking about enjoying the occasional DC and bag of chips. If most of your calories are coming from the snack machine, your skin is going to pay the price.


7. Work regular workouts into your routine.

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Getting to yoga or spin class can have a positive effect on your skin as well as your mood and body, because a workout increases circulation, creating that great glow once it’s done.


8. Don’t pick at your skin.

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Leave that pimple/blackhead/bump alone. As tempting as it can be, unless you’ve got a clear whitehead, it’s more likely that you’ll either drive bacteria farther into skin, make it more inflamed, or add more dirt and bacteria to the area from your fingers and nails.


9. They cleanse gently, once a day.

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Unless you have oily skin, you only need to wash your face in the evening, with a creamy cleanser and lukewarm water. Give the cleanser time to work. “Instead of scrubbing your face, let the cleanser sit on your skin for several seconds and break down the makeup, dirt, and oil,” says Boston dermatologist Ranella Hirsch, MD. In the morning, simply splash your face with lukewarm water.


10. They reapply sunscreen.

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You know that the number one way to prevent skin aging is to apply sunscreen, so of course you already use a morning moisturizer with an SPF of 30. What women with gorgeous skin also do: Reapply sunscreen every few hours. Sun-shielding ingredients are only effective for about two hours—long enough to protect your skin on a morning walk or commute but not throughout the afternoon.


11. They use a retinoid cream every night.

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The first time I meet someone, I immediately know if she’s using a retinoid because her skin is glowy and smooth,” says Miami dermatologist Leslie Baumann, MD. Retinoids are vitamin A derivatives that have been proven to boost collagen, which reduces fine lines, and to speed cell turnover, which evens out discoloration.


12. They eat salmon, and consume lots of antioxidants.

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Salmon’s high omega-3 content helps hydrate skin from the inside out and reduce the inflammation that can cause skin redness, says Baumann. And antioxidant-rich foods and drinks—blueberries, dark greens, green tea and coffee—help fight free radicals that can damage the cellular structures of the skin, accelerating skin aging.


13. They break a sweat.

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Raising your heart rate once a day makes your skin glow. Because exercise improves your circulation and oxygen capacity, it improves your complexion. “And we know that the skin has endorphin receptors, which may also explain why it is positively impacted by aerobic exercise.


14. Never lay in a tanning bed.

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Hitting a booth, even a few times, can have irreversible effects, including DNA damage to skin cells. Your risk of forming melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer, increases by 59 percent from using tanning beds and gets higher with each use.


15. Always sleep on a clean pillowcase.

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Your skin can pick up dirt and bacteria, traces of makeup, dead skin cells, saliva, and hair product residue from a pillowcase that hasn’t been washed.


16. Use a face cream and sunscreen combo every day.

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Even the five minutes you spend in the sun running into the mall or work each day add up. “People often only think to use sunscreen when they’re out for an extended period of time, but even incidental exposure every day over a few years causes brown spots and fine lines to show up earlier.


17. Add an antioxidant serum to your daily routine.


Consider these free-radical-fighting formulas your gateway to anti-agers. “UV light is still able to inflict damage on your skin even if you’re wearing sunscreen.


18. Drink plenty of water morning to night.

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And not just when you’re hitting the gym or you’re super thirsty (if you get to that point, you’re most likely already dehydrated). Hydration — inside and out — is key to keeping your skin radiant.


19. Use a ton of TLC to remove your eye makeup.

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The skin around your eyes is the thinnest, most delicate skin on your face,” says Dr. Fusco. So if you tug too roughly when removing your eye makeup, your skin can stretch out over time and fine lines can become more noticeable.


20. Never, ever go to bed with makeup on.

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No matter how exhausted you are or how late it is: Take. It. Off. “Removing your makeup can make the difference between beautiful, glowing skin and a complexion that looks dull and has clogged pores,” says Debra B. Luftman, M.D, a dermatologist in Los Angeles for Simple skincare.

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