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20 Beauty Tips For Pregnant Women

Beauty Tips For Pregnant Women

February 1st, 2019   |   Updated on May 22nd, 2021

Looking gorgeous and beautiful is every pregnant woman’s dream during pregnancy. Most women start having anxiety, wondering what effects pregnancy and changes in hormonal cycles will have on their physical appearance and their health.

Here are some tips and suggestions which will help you as a pregnant woman, to groom and enhance your natural beauty over the course of nine months of your pregnancy.

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1. Moisturize Your Skin

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Stretch mark is one of the most dreaded evidence that pregnancy leaves behind. Many stretch mark creams claim to give you a mark free stomach, so why not try them and feel happy rather than cursing yourself for not having done enough.

2. Home Remedies Are The Best

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Apart from cosmetics, you can try out a lot of home remedies such as allying aloe Vera on your skin while you’re watching television or simply asking your husband to give you a gentle head massage.

3. Use The Right Makeup Tricks

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Makeup can conceal any blot on your face, also the dark circles and pale looking skin which some of us develop during pregnancy. Use the right makeup products for your skin and look fresh even when you feel down and out. Indeed beauty for pregnant women is also essential!

4. Maintain The Right Weight

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Some of us might just take due advantage of binging on anything because we’re pregnant. But that does not mean you accumulate pounds of fat. This pregnancy fat is anyway not helping your baby grow.

5. Dress To Enhance Your Curves

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Pregnant women, very often shall look disoriented and clumsy. Well, they do have an easy excuse of being pregnant and people totally understand that. But times are changing and following your favourite pregnant celebrities, you can easily lean that it does not take much effort to look simple yet beautiful.

6. Opt For A Healthy Lifestyle

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There are many pregnancy classes conducted by hospitals and private institutions where they teach many pregnancy related exercises and yoga that helps to keep your nerves as well as prepare you for labour.

7. Maintain A Good Skin Regime

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It is totally understandable that pregnancy might make you lethargic and you might want somebody else to do a lot of things for you. Having said that, those nine months are really meant for you to get pampered and spend some time by yourself because once the baby’s out, you wouldn’t even know how time flew and you are suddenly 60.

8. Eat The Right Foods

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From personal experience, it is extremely important to eat right and healthy. The growing fetus needs the necessary nutrients for its overall development and so do you. Beauty is not only about the exteriors, the internal organs should be functioning well too to make your skin glow.

9. Drink Lots Of Water

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You must have heard your doctor asking you to drink lots of water. It helps to flush out toxins from the body as well as maintain the sufficient amniotic fluid in the sac for the baby to be comfortable.

10. Right Food

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You need to be extra cautious on what you are eating and how healthy it is during pregnancy. It’s advisable to consult your doctor for a diet chart, including lists of food types you need to concentrate on.

11. Sleep

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Fatigue is one of the symptoms which expectant mothers experiences, especially during the first trimester. Proper rest is very important, because that’s when your body and mind rejuvenates itself.

12. Stay Away From Junk Food And Unnecessary Calories

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You will crave for a variety of food but it is necessary to keep your heightened epicurean tendency in control. Stay away from unhealthy junk food and gain the weight in a natural healthy way.

13. Exercise

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Yes, it is important! There are certain exercises that are recommended for pregnant women. You can join maternity yoga classes or classes like Lamaze that are designed especially for prenatal, and get a chance to meet other expectant mothers and learn from their experiences.

14. Avoid Stretch Marks

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Most new mommies complain about stretch marks after pregnancy. You might want to take care about this concerning issue during your tenure. Use a stretch mark cream advised to you or you can pick one from the best selling line.

15. Skin Care

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With all the hoopla during pregnancy, do not forget your skin. Beauty care during pregnancy includes skin care regimes, preferably plant-based or herbal, after regular intervals.

16. Relax

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Last but most important point to remember is to relax! Include breaks in your schedule. Lie down for a while when you get the chance. Relax your body. Pregnancy can be very stressful, but make sure you do not let that get to you.

17. Meditation Is The Stepping Stone

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Meditating during your pregnancy phase will help you release the stress, and will enable you to be closer to yourself. It will heighten awareness of the changes happening in your body, and will boost your immune system and confidence. However meditation is all about relaxing and quite different than doing yoga.

18. Avoid Harsh Soaps

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Harsh soaps can remove the natural oil of your skin, so switch to a moisturising body wash or facial cleanser during your pregnancy. All the preggers out there, face care should be your first and foremost priority.

19. Protect Yourself When Exposed To Sunlight

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Use sunscreen all the time during pregnancy. If your skin is oily or you suffer from acne problems, then use products that contain glycolic acid, alpha hydroxyl acid, topical erythromycin or products advised by the dermatologists.

20. Avoid Stress As Much As Possible

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It is not good for you and your baby too. Meditate to calm yourself and practice to sit in silence for some time of the day.

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