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These Are The 15 Best Face Masks For Treating Acne

Acne Fighting Face Masks

Published on December 11th, 2020

From removing dirt and impurities, lifting out poisons and toxins stored in the epidermis to the latest arrived which is infused with double the amount of Volcanic Ash, these are the 15 best acne-fighting face-masks you should buy right now.

1. Aztec Secret

The unique molecular structure of Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay deep cleanses skin pores, removing dirt and impurities, lifting out poisons and toxins stored in the epidermis. Pimples and blackheads are absorbed into the clay bed, resulting in accelerated healing and nourishment of the skin. The skin is clean, refreshed, and alive. You can see and feel the difference.

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2. Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay

This new formula is infused with double the amount of Volcanic Ash of that of the original version, especially suitable for oily skin. Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask contains super volcanic cluster capsules, which powerfully adsorbs sebum to intensively resolve pore concerns.

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3. Acne Free Kaolin Clay

This kaolin clay detox facial mask achieves a fresh, healthy glow and minimizes the appearance of visible pores. The face mask is suitable for oily skin and works for men and women, both teens and adults. This creamy detoxifying facial mask leaves you with a clearer complexion that does not feel oily or appear shinny.

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4. Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment

Most advanced clearing treatment with Activated-X charcoal, a super absorbent carbon, to attract toxins and dirt from the deepest and toughest areas.

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5. Retexturizing Mask With Rose Clay

A two-in-one purifying mask that draws out impurities and gently exfoliates to refine skin’s texture and boost radiance. Made with Mediterranean rose clay, Canadian willowherb, and exfoliating jojoba beads, it helps gently deep clean while refining skin’s texture. Pores appear to vanish and clarity is restored for a radiant youthful-looking complexion that’s silky-smooth to the touch.

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6. Fresh Umbrian Clay

A multifunctional treatment that can be used as an instant purifying mask. It contains the brand’s proprietary ingredient, umbrian clay, which has a high mineral content that helps purify and clarify your complexion. It’s also formulated with sandalwood oil, which is known for its astringent properties and helps calm the skin, and chamomile flower and lavender water, which are notable for their soothing properties.

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7. Kate Somerville EradiKate Mask

A clinically formulated face mask for acne-prone skin that clears breakouts & minimizes pores. Powerhouse ingredients help to eliminate acne-causing bacteria while targeting existing acne blemishes – without over drying skin. Works quickly to minimize the appearance of pores and exfoliate dead skin cells for a smoother complexion.

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8. RAYA Bio-Sulfur Masque

This deep pore cleansing mask combines Bio-Sulfur, Vitamin-B, pure essential oils, and fruit enzymes to help balance the skin’s pH, reduce oiliness, follicle/pore blockage, and inflammations, and helps restore excessive sebaceous gland secretion to a normal rate. This mask also helps dissolve surface oils, dead skin cells, and other debris that clogs pores.

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9. LUVBOD Activated Charcoal Scrub and Mask

The powerful trio of activated charcoal, baking soda and bentonite clay help draw out impurities. All-natural grapefruit essential oil, aloe vera, hemp oil, vitamins C and E.

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10. Neutrogena Deep Clean Purifying Clay Face Mas

The purifying clay formula is specifically designed to target all skin impurities. It draws out trapped dirt, oil, and makeup that can cause breakouts while it helps preserve skin’s essential moisture.

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11. Himalayan Clay Mud Mask

Majestic Pure Himalayan Clay Mud Mask is a unique formula face mask designed to maximize the appearance of pores, brighten, and detoxify skin. This wonderful face masque is excellent for facial skincare support, deep pore cleansing, and revitalization.

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12. Yes To Tomatoes Facial Mud Mask

This natural mud mask draws out impurities with charcoal, treats and prevents acne breakouts with salicylic acid, and conditions with a botanical blend of tomato, aloe, watermelon, pumpkin, and chamomile extracts.

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13. Blemish Mask

Made with Natural Clays and Essential Oils. Helps to Dry Out Blemishes and Keep New Ones From Forming. Rinse off with warm water and follow with our Anti Acne Moisture Balancing Cream.

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14. Aveeno Clear Complexion

This clear complexion face mask acts as a soap-free, no-rinse exfoliator that works to remove excess oil and unclog pores in one swift move – simple apply, let dry and gently peel off. Its unique formula is infused with alpha hydroxy acids, soy and pomegranate to exfoliate skin, revealing clearer-looking, mattified skin.

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15. Moroccan Red Clay

Majestic Pure Moroccan Red Clay Mud Mask with British Rose is carefully crafted with wonderful botanical to deeply nourish skin for supple youthful look. Moroccan Red Clay Mud contains high mineral content, vitamins, and other nutrients to nourish skin while gently reducing impurities.

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