25 Signs That You Have The Best Boyfriend

Best Boyfriend

March 28th, 2017   |   Updated on February 27th, 2024

Every girl has her best friend, boyfriend and true LOVE. She is really lucky if they’re all the same person. Yes, if you’re LUCKY enough to have the best boyfriend, well, then, that’s something worth celebrating.

Is there anything as such perfect? No, there is not. You can have better things, best things, but you can’t have a perfect thing. Same is true for your partner.

We can’t expect to have a perfect partner, or a perfect boyfriend. We often desire to be truly loved and accepted in our lives, especially when we are in a relationship.

Your boyfriend should love you, listen to you, and accepts you as you are. He should also support you and let you do things which you enjoy.

So, without further delay, here are 25 signs that can help you know you have the best boyfriend:


1. He never gets upset with the fact that you’ve got a social life, in fact, he loves catching up with your colleagues over drinks and moreover he makes sure that you’re spending quality time with your family and has no issues of you being out and partying with your friends, after all, all he wants is an ear to ear big smile on your face!

Best Boyfriend


2. Whatever you wear he is not at all daunting, nor he feels insecure, he’s the first person who compliments you and reminds you that how lucky he is to be with you! He loves the way you carry yourself and how comfortable you’re. All he wants is you to love yourself more than anything!

3. He never leaves you alone whenever you two fight, he cannot afford to see those eyes glittering with tears, instead he would just hug you, and will talk the way out, he is one of those, who can’t sleep with all the anger and sadness, he makes sure that you both solves the matter immediately rather than quarrelling again and again.

things-every-girlfriend- Best Boyfriend


4. He makes plans with you. He wants to spend his time with you. If you are always the one initiating the communication or making plans to see each other, maybe he is not the best match for you.

Perfect boyfriend who makes plan with you.


5. He is there for you through good and bad, encouraging you to keep going even if you fall. He is your teammate, your cheerleader, and the one that makes your life better each and every day.

Perfect boyfriend supports you when you fall.


6. He pays attention. He doesn’t buy you ordinary gifts for your birthday. He buys (or creates) presents that fit with your personality.

Perfect boyfriend pays attention to you.


7. He fully trusts you. A perfect boyfriend would not be texting or calling every hour to find out where you are when you are not together.



8. Those who matters to you more, matters to him the most. As your happiness is his happiness, he is always a sweetheart with those people who are special in your life.


9. He never makes you feel uncomfortable in the bedroom. He makes you feel safe. Secure. Sexy.



10. Not only does he not mind cuddling, he loves it and often initiates it himself. He knows there’s nothing better than getting all cozy under the blankets.



11. He respects your choices, tastes and interests. He would never make you feel weird if you still love Scooby doo!

Falling In Love-3-Best Boyfriend


12. He is not a lazy bum, in fact he is your right hand in all the everyday chores; be it laundry dishes or even dusting! You’re his priority so he makes his plans with you in advance. In fact he’s the first one who wishes you good morning! He is never afraid of putting efforts into your relationship.

13. Instead of being intimidated by your independence, it’s a total turn-on for your boyfriend. He admires your strength and ambition and feels lucky to be by your side as you conquer the world.

 Perfect boyfriend does not get intimidated by your success.

14. You’re not at all the hidden girl in his life, everybody knows you in his family, friends and even his office buddies. He is not afraid to show you, you’re his lock screen wallpaper, and the most important part of his life!

Best Boyfriend


15. He is not the one who makes an apology and ego issue. He’s mature enough to say sorry, and to bear the consequences of his mistakes, moreover, he hates the blame games.

Best Boyfriend-1

16. He makes sure that you feel as sexy and as comfortable as he is. He makes you feel secure and cosy during the most romantic moments you share.


17. He is not at all a commitment phobic, in fact he wants to hold your hands till eternity, nor does he complaints or compares you with someone else. All he wants is your presence in his world forever!

Best Boyfriend-V4

18. He hates shopping! But he loved it yesterday because you were there with him. Basically he can do all the boring things in the world if he has you on his side. Be it pouting and posing, going to adventure parks. What so ever, he never disagrees with your ideas!


19. So he overheard you discussing about a writer you love, and boom! The next gift would be a book by the same writer you were talking about. He actually pays heed to your likes and dislikes, and nobody except your Mom can beat his gifts! He truly knows you wholeheartedly.

Best Boyfriend-V6

20. You’re his Human diary, you know all his secrets, and also you know how he once fell down while swinging with his best friend in childhood. And that’s just not enough, you know about his colleagues, and his favourite office buddy. More than that, you know the dark secretes of him as well.

21. You trust him completely. And he his super faithful to you. Possessiveness and insecurities are not certainly not in your dictionary, as you’re his constant.

22. Boyfriend? No, he is even more than that, he is your Best friend forever.

Best Boyfriend-V10

23. He comfortably fits in with your family and friends without feeling shy and awkward.


24. A good boyfriend is someone who will encourage you in all your endeavors and will support you when things go wrong. 


25. Okay, this may not be a ‘must do’ on the list, but a man who cooks is automatically twice as attractive.

Perfect boyfriend cooks well

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