Best Crystal Semi-precious Beads To Use For Your Pendants

Best Crystal Semi-precious Beads

Updated on November 16th, 2018

Women and stylish jewelry go hand in hand! Whether it’s a first date or a wedding reception, women love to dress and accessorize themselves in refined ways. Traditional jewelry and accessories have always been in vogue. But today, the modern-day women want their jewels to be both unconventional and durable.

The new age, contemporary and eye-catching pendants, earrings, bracelets, choker necklaces and other accessories made of semi-precious and natural crystals are dominating the market. And today, there are plenty of brands that are coming up with designer jewelry for women.

Designed intricately with creative thought and priced affordably, semi-precious jewelry made of crystal stones like turquoise, lapis lazuli, amethyst, coral, agate, jade, amber, aventurine, carnelian and many more are stunning in appearance.

If you love wearing pendants, you can count on some of the best semi-precious beads that are available today. You can browse through to know more.


Top Crystal Beads To Use For Your Pendants

1. Opal


Often termed as the love crystal, opal beads are popular today! When you wear it on your neck, the gemstone can add to your aura and personality. It looks classy and beautiful when customized as a beaded pendant. Opal stands for unconditional and universal love.

Furthermore, Opal is also known as an empowering crystal stone. It removes every inhibition and brings out the real emotion of the wearer. Also, the stone has a calming effect on turbulent and disturbed feelings. Hence, it gives the wearer a calm demeanor.


2. Citrine


If you want a crystal pendant that is bright and vibrant, you can depend on Citrine. Available in a golden yellow color this crystal has solar energy and is said to heal any self-esteem related issues.

It helps you to absorb and beam with an abundance of positive energy. Citrine crystal gemstone can be customized into a small and medium beaded necklace as well.

Sometimes, women with a distinct taste in jewelry love to sport a simple Citrine pendant. Furthermore, Citrine can release hidden tensions and fears related to low self-esteem.


3. Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine

Green crystal gemstones make elusive looking jewelry that have a vintage look. One of the popular choices is the Green Aventurine. For centuries this crystal has been considered as one that helps to attract wealth and luck. It often gets referred to as the stone of happy connections.

Wearers of aventurine often have experienced drawing the right connections and associations in life. Decades back this was a popular stone amongst the gamblers. Other than wealth it also brings abundance in love and positive emotions.


4. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

One of the popular crystal gemstones, the rose quartz has been used for delicate pendants, necklace, and bracelets for years now. Available in soft, pink color rose quartz gemstones looks soothing to the eyes. As a jewelry piece, it gets worn as a part of casual as well as party wear.

Today, there are crystal gemstone jewelry that you can opt-in for. The online world showcases several options that you can select from. However, it is always preferable that you choose your jewelry from an expert service provider so that you can choose from the real and authentic gemstones.