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10 Best Culture Blogs You Must Start Reading Before The End Of 2021

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November 27th, 2018   |   Updated on April 23rd, 2021

2018 is almost over, so who has been the most tapped into the zeitgeist online? Click here to find out which culture blogs you should be reading.

Trying To Keep Up With Pop Culture?

Why You Should Start Blogging

It’s hard to follow what’s trending nowadays. Things like “Ugandan Knuckles” gain notoriety so quickly but then vanish like thin air, only for something new to take its place.

It should also come as no surprise that the United States remains as one of the leading pop culture makers. It’s undeniable that most popular and enduring pop culture icons come from this country. If you want proof, you can look at the Hollywood movies you can watch in Amazon Prime.

But the best way to catch up is to read culture blogs.

Blogs give you easy access to keep up with a lot of pop culture trends and other topics that might interest you.

Read On If You Want To Know The Top Pop Culture Websites Around:

1. Man I Love Films

If you’re a person who loves movies, you might know of this blog. It’s composed of successful bloggers that have their own websites. They band together to deliver a wide variety of content dedicated to cinema art.

The blog writers love putting together various lists. That means you can read anything from general movie topics to bizarre, weirdly-specific topics like car sidekicks. Their main specializations include theatrical and DVD releases.

But their main focuses are horror movies and foreign films. They have podcasts, cinematic news, and weekly podcasts you can listen to.

2. Streamline

Pop culture includes classic movies. If you’re more into these, this official FilmStruck blog is the perfect place for you. They have well-written articles that make you reflect a lot. They offer serious discussions of topics-from 30’s horror films to European erotica.

3. Cracked

This website has more than 300 million page views per month. It focuses on humor articles along with pictures, videos, and other content. They offer a lot of educational facts smothered with different humor types that can appeal to any discerning pop culture fan.

Cracked first went live back in 2005. It’s founded by Jack O’Brien, a former producer from the ABC News.

4. Pitchfork

If you enjoy any sort of music, Pitchfork is one of the websites that can meet your needs. They catalog a lot of concert and festival dates. The blog also serves industry news daily if you’re into that as well.

Pitchfork has a lot of lists that can cater to a diverse audience. After all, you’ll see both popular and obscure music, making it a great pop culture website to discover new music. They also offer a lot of tracks and videos as a sample, making it a music lover paradise.

5. Good Celebrity

Another important aspect of pop culture is celebrities. After all, they bring their favorite movie characters to life. But some people take this to the next level and become obsessed with celebrity sleaze.

If you want to hear positive news about your favorite celebrity, this blog will deliver. They offer a lot of great interviews that spread positivity in the movie industry. It’s an ultimate source if you want to discover the philanthropists and good Hollywood organizations alike.

6. Unfinished Man

This blog isn’t all about men’s lifestyle or entertainment alone. It’s a website that focuses on what it means to become a real man. The site offers a lot of practical tips and advice that helps men with a lot of topics like:

  • Dating
  • Travel
  • Fashion

The Unfinished Man started almost a decade ago. It’s made by a group of friends who worked really hard to make their readership grow at a steady rate. The website’s reader base grows at 500,000 readers each month.

7. United By Pop

This pop culture blog has a lot of authors covering the trends in the United States and the United Kingdom. They stand out since they compare the pop culture scenes of the two countries. With this, they don’t need to attempt to cover what the world has to offer.

Its two-country audience makes United By Pop a great promotion platform. It doesn’t matter whether it’s music, projects, or other launches. The blog covers it as long as it has the potential to grow within the two countries.

8. Boing Boring

This blog has a lot of captivating articles about the Solar System. Aside from that, they have a lot of tech-related posts that cater to a large audience. It has a nice balance between entertainment and factual content.

It’s a dependable website to entertain you no matter how long you stay.

9. Sports Epreneur

This is a content platform that mixes both sports and business topics. It’s created by Eric Kasimov, the KazSource CEO. His team uses their love of sports as a means of supporting other businesspeople.

It’s a great place for entrepreneurs to learn about the business world. The entertaining articles make it fun and relatable. Its analogies between sports and business are helpful for personal growth.

10. Iconic

The Iconic website has a lot of topics you can choose from. No matter what gender or lifestyle you lead, you can find entertaining posts that can immerse you for hours. It has a lot of posts that can help you lead a better lifestyle, regardless of whether it’s related to food, travel, or style.

If you’re not sure where to start, the blog has a featured story. It’s an interesting post that can educate and entertain you at the same time.


Browse The Best Culture Blogs Today!

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Pop culture is a huge phenomenon in our society. It’s one of the best ways for people to find common ground and start socializing. After all, who doesn’t want to talk about their favorite shows and movies?

If you want to discover more pop culture bloggers, you can give these culture blogs a try. It’s always great to discover something new and learn more facts. It’s even better when you get entertained at the same time.

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