What Is The Best Desktop Vaporizer In 2018?

Best Desktop Vaporizer In 2018

September 9th, 2018   |   Updated on August 9th, 2020

If you vape for a chance to enjoy the rich flavor, big clouds, and relax, considering a desktop vaporizer is right for you.

According to Kate at Observer, “It’s not a secret: the vaping industry is developing to offer users new and innovative devices so that vapers can get maximum satisfaction to vape on the go.”

Best Desktop Vaporizer In 2018


What if you don’t want to sacrifice the performance? What if you love the old school pioneers of vaping?

Think about getting a desktop vaporizer!

What is a Desktop Vaporizer?

Desktop vaporizers have been on the market for more than 15 years.

Designed for home use, desktop vaporizers are bigger in size and you need to plugin them to any wall outlet. The system heats material through convection. The heated air can be drawn manually or automatically, depending on the type of a desktop vaporizer.

Although these devices seem to be more complicated at first sight, they are popular among people who vape for medical reasons and experienced vapers who crave for better performance, rich flavors, and vapor production.

Before buying your desktop dry herb vaporizer,  understand whether you truly need this device.

Portable vs Desktop Vaporizer: What is the Difference?

Obviously, portable vaporizers are smaller, and therefore more compact to use on the go while desktop vaporizers are more powerful and efficient and they are suitable for people who love vaping at home.

However, there are some other differences. Desktop vaporizers offer a better performance and richer flavors.

Want to buy a desktop vaporizer? To avoid wasting money, it’s important to do research and find what device can suit your needs.

Here’s the list of the best desktop vaporizers I’ve tested:

Top 3 Desktop Vaporizers for You to Choose

1. Volcano

volcano desktop vaporizer

The Volcano desktop vaporizer that comes in two different versions: the Digit and the Classic. The Classic Volcano doesn’t have the digital temperature display and auto shut-off feature while the Digit Volcano is its modern analogy with the vape temp display, temp buttons, and timer. Made of high-quality materials, you can expect longevity of this device.


  • Longevity: since this table vape is made of quality materials, your vaporizer can last longer. Some users claim that they have been using this device for more than seven years, and it hints at the longevity.
  • Safety features: provided with safety features, the Volcano is a great choice for home usage as the risks of burning out are minimal.
  • Different versions: depending on your needs and preferences, you can pick up either the Classic Volcano or the Digit Volcano with its modern features.


  • Works slowly: one complete session can take up to 10-15 minutes, and the unit heats up within five minutes, so it can bother experienced vapers who value the speed of the process.
  • Outdated design: obviously, the design doesn’t affect the quality of the vaping process, but it still plays a role for some vapers.


2. Herbalizer Vaporizer  

herbalizer desktop vaporizer

Looking for the world’s most technologically advanced desktop vaporizer, take a look at the Herbalizer. Whether you prefer bags, whips, or freestyle, this table vape offers different delivery methods.  It has many benefits that matter: fast-working, easy-to-use, customization. Yes, the user is in charge of controlling the vaping process, and it attracts many vapers. On the other hand, the device costs much and it can be quite expensive if you’re not sure that you need a table vape.


  • Intuitive: it’s easy-to-use, so vapers can enjoy the experience without putting much effort. Moreover, the device has many features in common with portable vapes.
  • Auto shut-off: a sleep function is another benefit that attracts attention. Wouldn’t it be great if your desktop vape can stop working within a set time? Well, the Herbalizer can do it for you!
  • Advanced design: in comparison with other desktop vaporizers, the Herbalizer has a beautiful innovative design that makes it more attractive for vapers who are used to portable devices.


  • Price: although this desktop vaporizer has many benefits, it can still be expensive for vapers, especially if you’re a beginner and you’re not sure whether vaping right for you.


3. Extreme-Q

extreme-q desktop vaporizer

If you’re pressed for money and you want to get a budget desktop vaporizer, take a look at the Extreme-Q. No matter what you want to use, whether dry herbs or aromatherapy, the device is multi-purpose. And another great feature is a possibility to fill a bag or use a whip. Cheap price doesn’t mean low quality, and the Extreme-Q proves it as this device is quite reliable and very versatile.


    • Cost-effective: the Extreme-Q is one of the cheapest desktop vaporizers on the market that has many important benefits to consider.
    • Remote control: if you want to start the process being on your cozy sofa, this device is right for you. You can manage the process remotely.
    • Precision temperature control: if you love cool vapor, this function is what you need. Control the temperature level to customize the vaping experience to suit your vaping style.


  • Limited options: while many desktop vaporizers are designed for vaping herbs, oils, and waxes, this device is suitable for dry herbs only.

In a Word

After testing various desktop vaporizers, it’s still hard to say what is the best one in 2018.

Let’s be real: the answer depends on your needs, wants, and… budget!

However, the market offers different desktop vaporizers, and the above-mentioned ones are just several that have caught my eye. Therefore, you can find what fits your needs without a doubt!

If you know what desktop vape is worth paying attention to, don’t be greedy to share your thoughts with us. After all, there’s no better way to understand what is the best desktop vaporizer than relying on your genuine reviews.