The 20 Best Gifts For Pregnant Women And First-Time Moms

gifts for pregnant women

March 3rd, 2021   |   Updated on July 4th, 2022

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase for a woman. Apart from the fact that she is nurturing a child inside her is the excitement of not knowing whether it is a girl or boy.

Women particularly enjoy this phase of their life as they know their life will completely change in some months. To keep them motivated and feel cherished, it is essential to gift them something memorable.

Women who are expecting also tend to become very emotional. They see a lot of mood swings, and thus dealing with them is slightly tricky.

Moreover, they hope others also share in their happiness and, if possible, make them feel special. Therefore it becomes crucial to offer them gifts every once in a while.

Maybe you also have someone special who is entering this phase in life. In case you are confused about the gifts, we will make your work easy for you.

These are 20 of the best gifts to give to a woman who is in the family way. We have checked the opinion of women and what they look for during pregnancy. With this list, it is hard for you to make an error in making the right choice.

1. Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

Plug and play – no setup required. An Independent sound-activated LED bar lets you see when your baby is crying. Unlike internet cameras, the XDR-8 offers zero load time delay-free playback on a dedicated monitor screen without hogging your smartphone.100% digital privacy, safe from hackers.

Normal Setting using the Aluminum Lens Hood provides a crisp clear image with mid-range coverage: close enough to ensure your baby is safe with a wide field that captures immediate surroundings.

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2. Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter

Burt’s Bees Mama Bee products are carefully formulated to help keep your skin feeling soft and healthy, during and after pregnancy. After all, you deserve some pampering too.

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3. 40ish Weeks: A Pregnancy Journal

Bay Area artist Kate Pocrass is the author of I Was Here, Side Walks, and the En Route Journals and Notecards published by Chronicle Books. Her artwork has been exhibited at various galleries in the U.S.and internationally. Her work is often encountered outside gallery spaces via books, magazines, websites, and printed ephemera.

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4. TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Roller

Combining traditional wood craftsmanship & the wisdom of ancient foot reflexology principles, the TheraFlow dual foot massager is simple yet surprisingly effective in soothing tired feet & relieving the symptoms of many foot ailments. Its compact design allows you to relax and unwind wherever you are. It even comes with a foot reflexology chart & easy to understand instructions so you know how to use it correctly right out of the box!

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5. Pearhead Triple Sonogram Pregnancy Keepsake Frame

Cherish every trimester of your pregnancy with Pearhead’s trimester sonogram frame. This wooden frame is the perfect keepsake for decorating your home or baby’s nursery. It comes in white, perfect for baby boy or baby girl! At every check-up, have fun getting your sonogram printed to then place inside your frame. The 3 inserts can hold a 2.5” x 3.75” sonogram photo on your adorable bundle of joy.

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6. Bringing Up Bébé

When American journalist Pamela Druckerman had a baby in Paris, she didn’t aspire to become a “French parent.” But she noticed that French children slept through the night by two or three months old. They ate braised leeks. They played by themselves while their parents sipped coffee. And yet French kids were still boisterous, curious, and creative. Why? How?

With a notebook stashed in her diaper bag, Druckerman set out to investigate—and wound up sparking a national debate on parenting. Researched over three years and written in her warm, funny voice, Bringing Up Bébé is deeply wise, charmingly told, and destined to become a classic resource for American parents.

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7. BellyBuds Baby-Bump

parents too. And we believe small moments shared between family and friends make a big difference. By leveraging technology and innovation, our goal is to empower families to connect, share, and thrive. Hearing is the first sense that connects baby-to-be with the big world outside. Give them something memorable to listen to with BellyBuds. And even better, research shows that babies remember voices and music they heard in the womb (like mom’s voice or a lullaby) and are comforted by those same familiar sounds during infancy and beyond.

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8. Baby Keepsake Box-Perfect First Mother’s Day Gift

The ideal gift for a new parent, Savor makes organizing family memories easy, fun, and stylish, even for the busiest parents. Our thoughtfully-designed, handcrafted keepsake boxes make sorting all your keepsakes – from the blankie that comforted her to the first lost tooth – a snap. So you spend more sharing memories, and less time organizing them.

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9. Maternity Sports Bra

So, when you choose Cake, you’re joining a movement of eco-conscious & health-conscious women looking for modern products that support mum, Bub and Mother Nature too. As a brand, we are aware of and understand our environmental & social responsibility, and are making a conscious effort to keep evolving within this space. So, you can feel confident that we’ve got your best interests at heart, because at the end of the day, we’re just a bunch of like-minded mums too.

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10. First Time Mom Est. 2020

Let everyone know that she’s a new mommy! Imagine her smiling and thinking about her new child every time she drinks her coffee, water, beer, wine, mixed drink or favorite beverage from this new tumbler. She will tell you that you found her new favorite cup! Each tumbler comes individually gift boxed.

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11. Meiz Pregnancy Pillow with Jersey Cover

Whether you’re pregnant, recovering from an injury, or suffer from back pain, leg swelling, joint pain, sciatica or fibromyalgia, the Meiz full body pillow has got you covered.

The u shape body pillow designs to replace the needs of multiple bed pillows, help support head, back, belly, sides, knees, hip and feet properly.

Creates a relax & comfortable position for sleeping, reading, nursing, watching TV etc. The total body shape of this pillow provides a painless and sweet sleep

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12. The Best Pregnancy Pillow For Sleeping Prone

Only Pregnancy Pillow that Relieves Tension On Maternal Blood Vessels. Reduce The Need For C-Sections By Comfortably Laying In The Optimal Birthing Position with the only pregnancy pillow on the market that offers this position. Patented Design for This Pregnancy Pillow Lowers Legs & Relieves Back Pain & Tension

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13. Shea Butter

Renowned for its superior moisturizing qualities for centuries, African Shea Butter was once used for its exceptional skincare qualities by Cleopatra herself. Now you can give your body the same luxurious attention once reserved for royalty and feel the same moisturizing results almost immediately.

Our 100% Pure Virgin Shea Butter is unrefined so that all of the nourishing vitamins and nutrients remain intact. Use it to even out skin tone and wrinkles, reduce skin irritation, moisturize your face, and condition the hair and scalp. It can be applied to acne and sensitive skin without fear of clogged pores and contains no chemicals or artificial colors of any kind.

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14. Sleepwear For Breastfeeding

Ekouaer maternity clothes are designed to be both on trend and affordable to see you through your pregnancy in comfort and style. Wearing clothes that fit well really makes a difference to how you feel, especially during the later stages of pregnancy. Our designs put comfort high on the agenda and aim to provide the clothes you will need for every occasion whether you are in the office, planning a night out or simply relaxing at home .

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15. Joy Newborn Baby Gift Set

Contains 2 bath time essentials that nourish and protect skin, in a gift-able size. Newborn 2-in-1 hair and body wash cleanses without stripping natural moisture from hair and skin. Super soft lotion hydrates and protects delicate skin.

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16. Maternity Leggings

SHAPE YOUR BODY AND YOUR STYLE with these fabulous figure flattering compression leggings, while getting the maternity support you need. These microfiber black maternity leggings will be your best friend throughout your entire pregnancy. Pamper yourself with Terramed leggings, the best maternity pants for expectant moms. Special soft elastic pouch easily expands to accommodate size changes from the first trimester through the postpartum period

Maternity support leggings combine style with effective support. These opaque footless black maternity tights will look great when paired with a skirt, dress, or long tunic. Enjoy the super soft and breathable material while providing your body with shapely support.

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17. Non-Skid Push Socks For Maternity Pregnancy

Get this for yourself when you had yours, or get it for your family or friends who are first time mom on baby shower day. No doubt that the baby will get a trove of stuff, while the mom may get nonthing personal, these minded anti-skid socks can get the mom gifted as well. Not that high-priced gift, but the one that can show your full heart of love and care. Can work as perfect baby shower gift for a mother to be or as a hospital bag necessity.

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18. Bedside Sleep Therapy Machine Sleep Better

If bedtime is the time you love the most yet you find yourself uncomfortable and unable to fall asleep, you’re like millions of others who feel the same way. You can spend thousands at sleep centers and do years of therapy, but there must be a better and easier way. It’s called the iHome ZENERGY Bedside Sleep Therapy Machine.

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19. Recovery Belly/Waist/Pelvis Belt Shapewear

This postpartum belt was specially designed for a woman’s post-pregnancy body. Made with skin-friendly and breathable fabric, super elastic and adjustable, innovative design to fit around the belly, waist, and hips so that to help you shrink down to your pre-pregnancy curve.

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20. Baby Monthly Milestone Blanket Gift

Our unique Milestone Blanket is super soft and thick, made out of 100% high-quality fleece. It’s large and wide so you can be creative and use your baby’s favorite toys, our star frame, or anything that comes to mind.

Enjoy our special printed designed blanket that will make a beautiful memory for you and your baby’s first year together. Perfect and unique baby shower gift for new moms and Dads.

Please note the 2-piece set. Printed fleece milestone blanket features 1-12 “months,” and movable star frame. A perfect way to take pictures of your baby’s growth This product is designed as a photography backdrop. You are also encouraged to use this product for covering and swaddling.

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