7 Best Gifts This Holiday Season For Your Husband


November 24th, 2018   |   Updated on January 18th, 2019

By now you know him like the back of your hand. However, why do you continuously struggle to come up with good gift ideas for your husband? Well, men are not the same.

Some men outdoorsy, others love machines others are wizards, techie husbands, health-guru husbands, old guards (ahem) or athletic husbands.

Therefore, you have to rack your brain to get a gift for your husband in accordance with his ‘category’. Here are some of the best gifts this holiday season.

1. Games


There are so many games available for men. With gifts such as an air hockey table and foosball table, he can comfortably have his boys come over for a game and a drink at your house as you enjoy your girl’s night out.

There are other man-like games like board games. Notwithstanding a game that the two of you (as s couple) can play is a great idea for most men. Lastly, a hilarious Card Game will be great for a gentleman with a great sense of humor.


2. A Phone Docking Station

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This is a gift that your husband never knew he needed it. This is a nice place for him to store his phone, wallet, keys, and pens. It’s the perfect solution for him to stay organized. If keeping track of his charger isn’t his forte, the sleek dock helps him.


3. Fitness tracker

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For athletic men, this holiday gift helps them track their workout; heart rate, active minutes, steps etc. Get one that also monitors how well he sleeps. Interestingly, there are fitness trackers that enable him receive calls and messages on the go. Make sure that these gadgets are water resistant. For again, you never know when to choose to pour.


4. Beard trimmer and grooming set

Best Beard Trimmer

Men love to look neat. The time they spend admiring themselves on the mirror rivals the time you put up your make up. Men have all the time in the world to groom. They are so many sophisticated beard trimmers on the market that men love. However, picking a grooming gift can be a feat — what if he doesn’t like your choice? To be safe get him an all-in-one-set- there so many choices in the market.


5. Tech-savvy husband

Ideal Tech Support

Husbands just seem to have “everything”, right? What about the techie husband? With VR technology getting cheaper by the second, it is a great idea to get this on your gift for husband list. Oculus Go headset is a perfect device since it does not require hooking it up to your PC and is available cheaply.


6. Foot massage gift

Boost Your Mood

With old age come health concerns. Hence, achy feet affect most men and a foot massager is a bestselling gift for a good reason.


7. Dental hygiene gift

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Is your man keen on his dental hygiene? If not, get him the water flosser gift package. Your family and family will be assured of a fresh breath of sparkling white set of teeth from your sweetheart.

Other holiday gifts to consider


  • Mini-pillow. This helps him whenever he travels.
  • Pay for his book subscription like Kindle. This is because reading is important.
  • A slim-fit wallet. The one that keeps a lot of cards without bulging.
  • Liqueur/whiskey flask – this is special for the husband who’s really more of a cocktail kind of guy and one who takes it neat.
  • Cologne -A manly fragrance in colder months is ideal.
  • Cooking Apron- Because it’s a grilling season, your husband will appreciate.
  • Toolbox- this is handy for the repairs and handwork that happens in vacation homes.
  • Drone- not only is a drone cute, but it’s also fun and easy to fly, he’ll actually be able to capture video with the help of built-in VR capabilities and HD camera.

Hopefully, this list guides you towards the right direction to finding the first man in your life a perfect gift.