8 Best Jewelry Designs Spotted During 2022 Coachella

Jewelry Designs Spotted During

Published on May 23rd, 2022

The world’s hottest summer festival just got hotter —and we have all the best jewelry looks to show for it.

Whether you’re one of the lucky few who got to party in the deserts of California or just stayed at home scrolling through the performance clips and celebrities’ outfits, we all hold quite a fascination with this A-list event. It’s a cultural phenomenon, per se. For our favorite part? Definitely the fashion inspos that we get.

There’s always a preconception that Coachella jewelry revolves around boho-chic ala Vanessa Hudgens. While a huge part of Coachella fashion started with the macramé and tassels, you’d be surprised how well-evolved the fashion and jewelry trends are.

Here are the best jewelry designs spotted on Coachella that you can rock outside of the festival:

1. Gypsy-Inspired Layers

Gypsy-inspired fashion has got quite the stronghold on this festival no matter what the year is. You can’t blame them though, you can never go wrong with gypsy-inspired outfits to show your party side.

What we love about this is the jewelry —arrays of shimmering gold, delicately layered that will make any boring outfit stand out. Celebrities particularly love wearing layered gypsy bib necklaces that you could see from a mile away. Style it with a sultry, deep V-neck dress to let the jewelry shine!

2. Lace Chokers

Surprisingly, chokers are still a staple in Coachella. We particularly love the lace chokers that give off a feminine yet grittiness to your outfit. Wear it in white for the touch of sophistication and a great base of layered necklaces, or in black as a striking stand-alone piece.

Just a tip for us though, you might want to leave plastic chokers behind! Not only do they tend to be uncomfortable in the long run, but they might also leave some marks on your neck if not fitted enough. Yikes!

3. Everything In Turquoise

If you want something lowkey, then this jewelry design might be for you.

We all know how powerful Korean trends are when it comes to fashion. Lately, the country became obsessed with turquoise jewelry because of the daintiness and femininity it gives. It’s a simple and minimalistic way to tie your look together.

So if you’re keeping your outfit light, adding turquoise jewelry pieces will add that needed pop of color. Jewelry in this shade is also versatile. You can use it as your daily jewelry in school or at work, on formal occasions, and more. Experiment with different styles of wholesale fashion jewelry and you’ll have this Coachella trend on point!

4. Puka Shells

Who would’ve thought that puka shells would still be a thing in 2022?

Celebrities brought the beach to the desert with their puka shell jewelry. From necklaces to anklets, the charm of this jewelry design was not ignored.

Now styling it outside of a beach day might feel silly, but trust us —puka shell jewelry could easily fit in with your casual clothes. It can bring a playful tone to an otherwise straightforward outfit. We recommend sticking to single-layered puka jewelry to keep things neat! You can also combine it with your usual gold/silver jewelry.

5. Y2K Jewelry

This year’s Coachella fully embraced the Y2K fashion trend comeback and we are here for it.

Jewelry has always been the fussy side of fashion. You have to know which goes best with what. The colors to wear. The appropriate style. But with Y2K fashion, everything goes out of the window —leaving you with the nostalgia of early 20s jewelry and style.

Coachella goers did not disappoint in maximizing Y2K jewelry to add a playful and colorful side to their outfits. Rainbow beaded necklaces are the crowd’s favorite. Plus, these are mostly made with resin and strong plastic so sweating under the sun is no big deal for your jewelry.

Don’t be scared of embracing colors in your jewelry. The brighter it is, the better. Pair your Y2K jewelry with flare jeans, crocheted vest, and a bucket hat for a cute day out!

6. Snake Chains

There are a lot of high-profile influencers out there that decided to keep things lowkey while at the festival. Take a page out of Kendall Jenner’s book on how to nail the basics.

Wearing an all-white ensemble of crop top and jeans, the celebrity added a singular snake chain necklace to accessorize the outfit. While it is subtle, it definitely does the job of uplifting your outfit.

Snake chain jewelry is a great piece to add to your collection. With its minimal design, you can use it as a standalone accessory or something to layer with. Our secret tip? Choose a snake chain that’s in the same shade range as your skin color! Wear silver for white to fair skin and gold for tanned and darker colors. This way, you’re creating a seamless illusion that doesn’t break your overall outfit. Let the shimmer of the jewelry do the work.

7. Crystals And More Crystals

The Coachella is another day for celebrities to get decked out on Swarovski crystals, whether it’s their outfit or in their jewelry.

While not all of us get to live this dream, you can certainly steal the look with faux crystals and gems. Our favorite pieces from this particular design are drop earrings, the princess necklace, and even body jewelry for those who dared to say less is more.

Crystal jewelry should be a staple in anyone’s jewelry box. You can pull it out if you want to elevate your outfit from casual to sophisticated. Formal occasions and evening events could also benefit from the extra dazzle.

8. Wood Jewelry

Handcrafted wood jewelry never lost its appeal to the public and Coachella might just be the biggest proof of this.

While others opt for silver and gold, wood jewelry strikes a more personal appeal to many. Whether it’s a celebration of culture and tradition or just an aesthetic preference, this jewelry design adds a unique touch to your look.

Wood jewelry isn’t that hard to style at all. This particular design can work with either a soft feminine look or hard rock and everything in between. The key is to experiment and let it do wonders for your style!