Top 10 Best Phone Mounts For Cars And Bicycles


April 5th, 2019   |   Updated on April 7th, 2021

Your smartphone is your life. These days no one can actually have a life without a smartphone. Trendy and super convenient these phones have revolutionized the way we live our life.

Often, when we are occupied with some other task it is difficult to pick our phone and talk at the same time. For such purposes, people advise the use of phone mounts which are created in a manner that you can conveniently keep your smartphone on it and continue with your work.

Hence we bring a list of 10 best mobile phone mount for motorbike which have the ability to keep your device safe while you are busy elsewhere. These mounts are strong and sturdy and guaranteed to hold your mobile properly.

We have demarcated each one of them as per their price and features and it is easy for you to choose one that suffices all your requirements.

1. iOttie ITap 2 Magnetic Dashboard Car Mount Holder

iOttie ITap 2 Magnetic Dashboard Car Mount Holder

The iTap 2 Magnetic dashboard and windshield mount is a sleek and powerful magnetic mounting solution that holds smartphones in any vehicle.

Designed for maximum convenience, the tap 2 features two rare-earth magnets that provide a strong hold for all smartphones and case combinations.

A metal plate kit includes small and large metal plates and a protective film that attaches directly on the back of the smartphone or case, and does not interfere with wireless charging when positioned accordingly.

Install tap magnetic 2 on textured or smooth vehicle dashboards with a super strong suction cup and a dashboard pad that secures the mount in place.

The tap Magnetic 2 dashboard And windshield mount from iOtttie is compact and powerful to safely enhance the driving experience on the road.

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Review: Tom Lemcke

It’s really convenient once everything is installed. But you need to make sure that the player has enough surface area to stick to. My case had that issue so I superglued it.

Once it was properly glued, everything was great. The magnet is strong enough for a bumpy drive without falling off but still weak enough to pull your phone off the mount with enough ease (which is a good thing).

I wouldn’t mess with mounts that clamp on your phone anymore, especially if you use a case over your phone anyway.

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2. Metal Motorcycle Mount for Phone

Metal Motorcycle Mount for Phone

The Enduro Series Motorcycle Mount by Tackform is a timeless mounting solution designed to not only work with your current phone and case but offers a large range of compatibilty to ensure that it works with your next generation model as well.

Switching from a slim case to protective, protective to battery case, protective to slim? Whatever the case, the Tackform Enduro Motorcycle Mount has got you covered.

With two points of articulation you can effectively position this on both straight bars as well as on vertical ape-hangers.

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Review: bestadvisor

We’d like to introduce the Tackform Enduro phone holder, the product which can easily become rock-solid support for your smartphone while you are at the wheel. It has survived the roughest crush tests, so you can be sure it won’t let you down.

The Enduro mount is made from high strength steel that means you’ve got the lifetime warranty for this product. As you see, this model is really made to last.

This phone cradle is spring loaded, which implies two things. For one, it can provide a strong grip for smartphones of different sizes, including (but not limited to) standard and plus-sized iPhones, LGs, Samsung Galaxy, and more.

For two, it is very easy to place and remove a phone from the mount with a single hand. You may think such an “ease of use” makes the spring looser, but it’s not the case.

Understanding that users might want to hedge their bets, the manufacturer has put a rubber tether in the box. By the way, the construction of the holder allows you to install your phone either in portrait or landscape modes. Handy, right?

As for the clamp, this model fits any handlebar from an oversized road bike to a mountain bike perfectly.

Plus, the Tackform Enduro comes equipped with three custom fittings for 7/8”, 1”, and 1-1/4” to provide you with more mounting options.

3.  SCOSCHE MAGDMB MagicMount Universal Magnetic Mount Holder


SCOSCHE MAGDMB MagicMount Universal Magnetic Mount Holder

The MagicMount is a new magnetic car phone mount for conveniently mounting your smartphone and devices to the dashboard of your car, truck, boat or RV.

The powerful neodymium magnets hold your phone and device securely in place. The 4-Axis, 360 degree adjustable head and mounting arm allow for optimal viewing. Cradle-free design permits safe, easy one-handed device use and access to all controls and ports.

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Review: Jason

Solid item. Very happy with it. Of all the mounts I have tried, I have learned a number of things about my personal preferences.Item must have an adhesive backing.

Adhesives can be replaced if they ever fail (haven’t experienced that yet), but suction cups fail far more frequently.

Suction cups require larger surface area, i.e. not optimal for vertical dash facing you. When you’re mindful of which states are technically illegal to have window-based mounts, suction cups start to fall behind quite a bit.

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4. Android Vent Car Phone Mount

Android Vent Car Phone Mount

Airframe Pro is Kenu’s most advanced side-grip vent mount yet. Designed from the ground up to be more stable, more secure, and more compatible than ever.

Using premium materials and a sleek design, Airframe Pro looks right at home on any car, truck, or SUV dashboard, and its compact size makes it a perfect travel companion.

Easily attaches to virtually any car’s air vent. Made for Larger Phones. Wide jaws securely hold even the largest phones and cases, including iPhone 8, Pixel 2 XL, and Otterbox.

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Review: Bruce_in_LA

This is clearly much more highly engineered and planned that the cheap ones you get at a carwash for a few dollars.Look closely at all the AMAZON text and pictures.

It is solidly built. It has a firm “clip” that you push to “open” then “lock” the jaws on the vent. One of the main issues is that many car vents are recessed, narrow, or have prominent “finger tabs” that make it hard to “clip”.

This one works ok with both our cars. A new feature is a ball swivel that lets you turn the phone face somewhat to face you. Since it is nearly flush to the dash and vent, it will be a small pivot.

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5. Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount

Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount

Brand : Roam Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount for Motorcycle – Bike Handlebars, Adjustable, Fits iPhone 7 | 7 Plus, 8 | 8 Plus, iPhone 6s | 6s Plus, Galaxy S7, S6, S5, Holds Phones Up To 3.5″ Wide Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount for Motorcycle – Bike Handlebars, Adjustable, Fits iPhone 7 | 7 Plus, 8 | 8 Plus, iPhone 6s | 6s Plus, Galaxy S7, S6, S5, Holds Phones Up To 3.5″ Wide

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The Roam Co-Pilot is one of the more popular iPhone mounts on the market, and for good reason.

The Co-Pilot supports any phone up to 3.5 inches in width, which is more than sufficient for any iPhone currently on the market, including the iPhone XR and X.

Similarly, the adjustable mount connecting the unit to the bike fits brackets up to 1.25 inches in diameter, offering cyclists a host of potential arrangements along the handlebar (on bikes and motorcycles).

A flexible, silicone web also stretches around all four corners of the device, ensuring a sturdy grip on even the most rugged terrain. At just $12, the Roam Co-Pilot is a real steal-on-wheels.

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6. Lorima Cup Phone Holder


Lorima Cup Phone Holder

Flexible to operate: The long gooseneck of cup holder phone holder can be up to 12in, you can adjust the height as you like, 360-degree rotatable holder to suit your desired angle, horizontally or vertically for different application.Keep dash and window clean: Cup holder phone mount is Adjustable and fits firmly and perfectly, securely in the cup holder for car, truck or SUV, fitting to varying size cup holders in your vehicle. You do not have to affix anything to your dash or window.

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Review: Ron B

Finally a company who actually makes a grip to hold a phone with a heavy case up to 3.5 inches wide. I”ve wasted over $125.00 total on trying others which claim to fit. The goose neck is sturdy and the cup holder base adjusts snuggly. Hopefully the mount from the holder to phone lasts with repeated removal. So far I am very pleased.

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7. Loncaster Car Phone Holder


Loncaster Car Phone Holder

It needs a smooth flat area(5 x 5.1 inches) on your dashboard for installation. Besides, it won’t work well if your devices covered a thick case, especially the otterbox, life-proof and pop socket.Applies to the most majority of dashboards, except some curved surfaces like 2016 Subaru Impreza, 2016 Nissan Frontier, mini cooper, 2016 Audi Q7, Honda Civic, 2009 Honda Accord, 2010 Honda CRV, 2008 Toyota Yaris, Toyota Rav 4 2018, Toyota Corolla, BMW i3, 2013 Audi A7, Scion XD, 2011 Tacoma, 2006 Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Cherokee, 2016 Nissan Sentra, 2018 golf GTI, 2019 Prius, Ford Fiesta 2016, Hyundai Genesis Coupe, Mercedes Benz CLA 250, 06 Acura MDX, etc.

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Review: Philip Hoppe

I have found that many types of mounts do not work well with most types of cars. This to me would be pretty universal in working regardless of your car. You also can easily place it right where you want it rather than being limited to placing your phone near the vents or something like that. Hold is tight. The other suggestion would be to put you phone in before you place the mount down. It sits a little more upright than I would have expected, so make sure you place the mount accordingly. Of course if you put it wrong, the nice thing is that this will peel back off and stick securely again.


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8. Vibrelli VPM-002 Universal Mobile Mount

Vibrelli VPM-002 Universal Mobile Mount

Vibrelli’s premium iPhone bike mount holder (and mount for motorcycles)with patented design, is adjustable to fit nearly any smartphone or media device. If you have an iPhone 6 Plus it will fit no problem.

The carefully designed clamp automatically adjusts to grip your device perfectly. Unlike other poor quality phone mounts for bikes that have specific settings only and at best clamp your phone loosely or worse won’t fit it at all.

Our phone holder can fit around handlebars of 38 mm diameter or less, so if your bars are this size (99 per cent are) you will have no problem. For smaller bars, it comes with three rubbers fitters to ensure a tight grip.

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The Universal Bike Phone Mount from Vibrelli is compatible with all iPhone iterations — along with a host of Android phones. It also supports 360-degree rotation and angle adjustment, making it easy to see from any position while riding.

It securely holds smartphones in place thanks to an adjustable clamp and silicone grips. Interestingly enough, when transitioning from a bicycle to a motorcycle, Vibrelli’s mount can go with the rider, fitting easily onto the latter.

It only takes two minutes to install and removing an iPhone from the mount is as easy as slipping it out of the aforementioned clasp, which features a quick release.

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9. Metal Bike & Motorcycle Phone Mount

Metal Bike & Motorcycle Phone Mount

We have thoroughly studied nearly all bicycle and motorcycle holders you can buy on US market (and not only).We carefully looked through all users reviews and complaints and developed our own CAW.

CAR Accessories Extra-Thought-Out Universal CrowFoot Handlebar Phone Mount!We worked with strong attention to details and customers feedback.

The universality of our patented CrowFoot handlebar clamp along with outstanding adjustability and safeness of the phone clip truly set our mount apart other designs developed in 2018 or earlier. You will definitely feel it, especially if you have experience with other mounts to compare.

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Review: bestadvisor

The CAW.CAR Accessories motorcycle cell phone mount is praised for its sturdy and universal design that enables you to install it almost on any motorbike, bicycle, or car.

That is to say, its CrowFoot clamp fits any handlebar that is 0.2” – 1.9” in diameter, which makes it ideal both for a chopper or a cruiser bike alike.

And in case you need to entertain your kids during a road trip, you can attach the mount to the tube of the head support in your car so that they can watch a movie.

The best part is that you don’t even need a screwdriver to attach the mount. The process is so simple that you can adjust the clamp for the size of a tube and fix it with your eyes closed.

Talking about design, this model is made strong. All the parts are produced from heavy-duty metal, thus ensuring a lifetime service. At the same time, the fastening elements (clamp and cradle) have rubber coating for a tighter grip.

So whatever the speed you are riding, your phone is always safe. Plus, neither your smartphone nor handlebar of your bike won’t get a scratch.

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10. Satechi Pro RideMate Bike Mount

Satechi Pro RideMate Bike Mount

The Satechi RideMate Waterproof 900 is a safe and secure smartphone mount for bicycles. IPX6 Certified Waterproof Featuring an IPX6 certified waterproof case, the Satechi RideMate Waterproof 900 can withstand powerful water jets of 100 liters of water per minute, providing full protection of your smartphone or music player in any weather.

Patent pending. Operate your phone while you ride When attached onto a bicycle handlebar, access to your smartphone becomes easy and safe due to the touch-sensitive clear front panel.

Adjustable Screen Orientation The waterproof pouch attaches to a 360-degree rotating connector which snaps into position once the ideal screen orientation is achieved Safe and Secure Grip The pouch snaps onto the mount for a secure hold, while pressing on a lever releases the pouch.

An included rubber strip and rubber inside the clamp protect the bicycle from scratches while providing grip so the mount will stay in place.

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Review: bestadvisor

Bicycle phone holders are truly necessary gadgets for every person fond of cycling. They protect your smartphone even if you fall whereas it is likely to be broken if carried in a pocket.

Of course, carrying a smartphone in a backpack is even more secure but it makes using the phone rather inconvenient. And a bike phone holder allows you to use your phone while cycling.

Moreover, a smartphone makes riding a bike a lot easier and fun! For example, you can launch a navigation app and track your route, you can enjoy listening to music, you can answer incoming calls, and so on and so forth. However, there might be a problem and it’s called weather. What if it starts raining?

If your smartphone isn’t water-resistant, the rainwater might damage it. However, the Satechi bike phone mount provides the ultimate protection of your device even in case of a downpour!

The bike phone holder boasts an excellent rate of water-resistance – IPX6, which means the holder is waterproof. Enjoy cycling and live a healthy life!

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