How To Find The Best Plus Size Vintage Clothing

Plus Size Vintage Clothing

Published on April 8th, 2022

We’re going to say it outright – fashion had a big fatphobia in the past!

Have you seen a plus-sized model representing a mega-brand up until a few years ago? Yes, this has been changing in recent years, and we’re seeing more clothes that go even above XL.

As the trend of saving the planet weaves itself into the fashion world, too, many brands try to create long-lasting clothes that come from recyclable materials. But what if you want to wear a piece from the 80s? Maybe even earlier? The chances of finding a good plus-size vintage piece are lower than finding a size XS or S.

Then how can you find good plus-size vintage clothing? Read on as we discover the latest vintage trends and offer tips on how and where you can find vintage garments to add to your wardrobe!

Why Buy Vintage Clothes?

First of all, vintage clothes bring more “green” to your closet. Seeing that these pieces have previously been worn, you basically recycle them and reuse them. So why not save the planet and look marvelous while doing it?

One of the top things with vintage is showing your own edginess. Vintage clothes can add a bit more spice to your everyday outfit, giving a sense of individuality. You can combine them with modern pieces and create a unique look that only you can slay in.

Plus, vintage pieces are more durable than the fast-fashion we get today. And let’s not forget – definitely cheaper!

Standard Size vs. Plus Size – The Struggle in Vintage

Plus-size people have always had a problem when it comes to shopping. The first obstacle is finding a retailer that sells a variety of plus-size clothes and not just some baggy shirts or blouses. Then come the preferences.

And with vintage sellers, this is even more limited. As you might guess, the 50s, 60s, and so on weren’t so keen on creating pieces that were not the “ideal” size.

Women used to wear corsets to tighten their waist or wore other undergarments to get the wanted size and shape. So you can see why the choices for vintage plus size clothes are more or less limited.

And then comes the struggle pushed with modern times. As the vintage trend grows, more people want to get their hands on this style, but they want to combine it with what’s current – oversized shirts and loose jeans.

Online sellers know that and are taking advantage of it. They’re marketing plus-size vintage outfits as part of this trend and selling them to straight-size people.

So it’s true what they say – fashion favors skinny types.

Tips to Get Your Hands on Plus Size Vintage Pieces

If what we’ve said is true, how can plus-size women and men dress vintage?

You must have asked yourself, “If fashion was so tailored to suit the skinny type, what did plus-size people wear in the 60s or 50s?” No, they didn’t wear rags nor a few poorly stitched materials.

We didn’t say that vintage clothing for plus size wasn’t available; it just isn’t easily found. Here are some tips to help you find suitable plus-size vintage attire.

Go Through the Online Shops

The good news is that you can find anything online!

There is undoubtedly someone out there that sells vintage clothing for plus-size men and women. And you can easily get in touch with just a few clicks.

Plus, more and more people design vintage clothes, and unlike in the old days, they gladly incorporate sizes larger than XL in their assortment. There are even some that make only plus-size pieces!

Reach out to Others

Don’t shy away from talking to people facing the same problem. Chances are there are others right near you that have the same issue and are trying different ways to solve it.

Share your experience and see what they have to say. Maybe they have already found a good brick-and-mortar shop that sells vintage plus-size clothes.

Or talk to some influencers. Today, you just need to grab your phone, open any social media app, and find someone who can help you find a place where you can buy bigger sizes of vintage pieces.


If all else fails, you can always turn to design your clothes. It sounds pretty bothersome and unfair, but there is a particular type of charm to create your own clothes.

You can pick the style, the material, and add an appliqué or two – Anything that suits you!

Many designers have had a start like that. So who knows, maybe this is the path for you too!