Why Better Dental Hygiene Leads To A Healthier Body

Better Dental Hygiene Leads To A Healthier Body 1

December 8th, 2017   |   Updated on June 6th, 2018

Do you remember what your dentist told you on your first visit? Brush your teeth twice daily. Yes, that is what he or she must have said and has been saying that ever since after that on your every visit.

There is a sound reason for every dentist to repeat this to each patient because you might know that unclean mouth may cause cavities but it is not just the cavities, there are many other diseases and health problems that are caused by unclean mouth because all your body is connected to your mouth and it becomes whatever goes in through your mouth.

If you are sending healthy and hygienic stuff through your mouth you will get a sound and healthy body. However, if you are sending germs then your body will react likewise.

Better Dental Hygiene Leads To A Healthier Body 2

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Your mouth speaks for your health

To be concise the doctor can tell about your health just by looking in your mouth or examining your saliva. Your body gives different signs about the problems going on inside it and if kept a check many diseases can be avoided. Diseases like AIDS or diabetes show symptoms as mouth lesions or other oral symptoms.

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How saliva helps in diagnosing disease

Your saliva can help the doctor diagnose different diseases or symptoms that your body might be going through. The stress responses in newborns can be diagnosed through the cortical level in saliva. Saliva can also contain some symptoms of some types of cancer.

Better Dental Hygiene Leads To A Healthier Body

Also, saliva can be used for drug testing, hormones indicating hepatitis or HIV infections. There are even saliva test kits available for quick and easy HIV test. Most probably in near future, the diabetes and HIV tests will also be able to be carried out through saliva tests rather than blood tests.

Saliva fights with germs

Saliva is the first defense of the body against germs; it contains different antibodies that fight the common cold germs or the not so uncommon HIV germs. Saliva also contains different enzymes to fight bacteria and prevent them from entering the body. Dental dorks can provide you with some helpful tips to keep your saliva healthy and your mouth clean.

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In this article, we discuss the reasons why the dental hygiene is important for a healthier body and how a clean mouth leads to a healthy body and a sound mind.

So, let’s dig in the some of the problems you might face due to an unhygienic mouth.

1. What are you breathing?

Better Dental Hygiene Leads To A Healthier Body 10

If your mouth contains bacteria then you are inhaling it too. The inhalation of bacteria causes many respiratory problems because this bacterium is now not just in your mouth, it is your lungs and throat. Such bacteria cause pneumonia, bronchitis and other throat related diseases.

2. Swelling of joints

Better Dental Hygiene Leads To A Healthier Body 8

The bacteria from your mouth are not just limited to your throat or lungs it can also reach your joints. Such bacteria have been seen to cause rheumatoid arthritis. In this disease, your joints start swelling and for those who have suffered or are suffering from this disease will tell you that is not a pleasant experience.


3. Are you forgetting things?

Better Dental Hygiene Leads To A Healthier Body 7

Who could think that poor dental hygiene can affect your memory too? Yes, it can. Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry published a study stating that people with bad mouths were seen to have a poor memory as compared to the people with good dental hygiene. Different explanations have been given for this study one stating that the bacteria block the flow the blood to the brain in arteries.

4. Heart diseases

dental hygiene leads

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It has been observed by the Researchers for the American Academy of Periodontology that bad dental hygiene leads to coronary artery disease the reason being bacteria getting into the bloodstream and then finding its way to the heart. Bad dental hygiene will not necessarily cause the heart disease but it will increase the chances of getting it.

5. Complications in pregnancy

Better Dental Hygiene Leads To A Healthier Body 6

Although there has not been a proper proof for this it is most likely for women with bad dental hygiene to suffer preterm birth. Some researchers have said that the infections caused by the bacteria might trigger the preterm birth.


6. Bad breath

Bad breath
Have you ever been in a conversation with someone with a bad breath? If not, you must know that it isn’t a very pleasant experiment. A bad dental hygiene leads to a dirty mouth and hence bad breath. Your mouth may smell because of the germs and you may find other people avoiding a conversation with you and certainly you do not want that. You can check for some home remedies from dental dorks to fight this problem.

7. Untidy teeth

Better Dental Hygiene Leads To A Healthier Body 3

Who does not like a beautiful, confident smile but can you have that if your teeth are untidy? It is not just about having clean teeth for a beautiful smile, it is also about not letting the germs enter your body and cause other problems like skin infections or pimples.


8. Cavities

Why Better Dental Hygiene Leads
The major disease related to teeth is cavities. Getting rid of cavities is a painful process and you might be losing some teeth.

Now, what to do?

These problems have roots in your mouth. To avoid these problems all you need to do is to keep your mouth clean. Brush regularly and twice a day. Keep your mouth plaque and germs free. You should a quality toothbrush along with excellent quality toothpaste. Choose your toothpaste wisely based on the type of your teeth, if you have sensitive teeth choose toothpaste made for sensitive teeth. Dental dorks can help you in this decision, you can check for different reviews and feedback for various products.

Better Dental Hygiene Leads To A Healthier Body 1

Brushing your teeth in a right way also plays a key role in mouth hygiene, you do not need to be too harsh on your teeth, be gentle and brush all your teeth. Do not miss out your upper or lower teeth; similarly, do not forget your back teeth, that is where the bacteria grow the most and your teeth are more prone to catching cavities.

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