7 Best Ideas To Plan 40th Birthday Party For Your Loved One


Published on October 31st, 2018

40 is known to be the new 20’s encouraging the next space of life to begin with a push to live more happily and with vigor. We have covered some best 40th birthday party ideas.

1. A Simple Gathering At Home

Birthday-Birthday Party For Your Loved One
It is not always necessary that you have to host a gala party in honor of the person whose birthday is being celebrated, important is that you make the person feel needed and special.

On the 40th birthday celebration you can easily host a simple family gathering at home with the close family members, some good food, a beautiful birthday cake for the youthful 40 and some bonding time. These memorable moments would be the best gift you can give your loved one.


2. A Dinner For Two

Dinner -Birthday Party For Your Loved One

While taking care of the family and the work people do tend to forget having some me time with their partners. So this 40th birthday why not celebrate it with your partner on a dinner just for two.

Reserve a table in their favorite restaurant and surprise your partner with all that they love to have. Be it the food, the little decorations, or even the gift you choose for them. That moment should be just for you two.

It is a guarantee that the dinner of the 40th birthday would surely be the most memorable one for them as they would be starting their second phase of life, and one of the most essential phase, so the memory would be eternal.


3. A Garden Party

Birthday2 -Birthday Party For Your Loved One

While planning for their 40th birthday do keep in mind that with the celebrations if the homely comfort can also be given. So why not try to arrange for a garden party at the backyard of the home, if you are lucky enough to have a big space.

You can also arrange a venue to have the garden party, the main aim should be to make that homely ambience although the venue would be different. Have some simple decorations but the food should be delicious enough and the menu according to their taste buds.

The invites should be just family members and some very close friends, with everything as a surprise would be another way to make the day more special for the person, refreshing the warmth and love their loved ones have towards them.


4. An Evening Full Of Activities

Birthday -Birthday Party For Your Loved One

Sports and fitness is the new mantra for a happy life, and when you are starting your 40th years these two aspects are a must. So planning for the 40th birthday can easily be arranged with some gaming activity.

Truly it would be fun with fitness and the company of close friends. Not always music, dance many guests and gala food arrangement is needed to enjoy the special day, at 40 it is more poised and calm so that the day should be memorable with the activity and some light snacks after it, accompanied by some drinks to re energise.


5. A Theme Party And The Just The You 4

Theme Party -Birthday Party For Your Loved One

Too much noise and crowd can be avoided if this 40th birthday can be just for your four family members, the couple and the children. You can even plan for a theme party as with just you four anything can be done.

Think of the favorite theme the birthday boy or girl would like on their 40th birthday and all four can wear the same theme dress and even the food can be based on the theme. This way with fun and family bonding there would be many memorable moments where everything can be cherished in the future.


6. A fashion show

fashion show -Birthday Party For Your Loved One

If the person celebrating their birthday is a young lady at 40 then the best gift or surprise would be to have a fashion show for the divas. At 40 truly the sense of fashion and styling does change and more elegant and poise choices are made according to the age.

So gift her the ultimate fashion show on the special day and do have some lovely prizes for the winner. The judges can be the children as they understand fashion quite well.

You can even name the show as the fashion walk for diva’s in 40, this way their age and style both would be honored and cherished. This is one of the best 40th birthday party idea for women.


7. Book A Restaurant

Birthday Party For Your Loved One Book A Restaurant

If arranging everything is not possible the best way would be a surprise party at their favourite restaurant. So this 40th birthday be it with friends and food.

Some decorations and good food with drinks would be enough to celebrate the 40th year of their life.

Images: Unsplash