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Body Massage: The Permanent Abode Of Satisfied Souls

Body Massage

Published on March 13th, 2018

Our lives can be filled with stress through our jobs and relationships. It makes us feel angry and irritable constantly. There are different ways of dealing with stress. Some people enjoy music, some meditation and while some like doing a physical activity. One of the easiest ways of relieving stress is by taking a massage therapy.

A full body massage helps in not only relaxing the mind but also healing the body. It is important to discuss your problems with the massage therapist as it will allow them to address your needs better.

Here are some proven techniques to relax your mind and body:

Meditation For Relaxation

Great Yoga Poses

Meditation for relaxation is one of the oldest traditional methods of relieving stress and enables you to be in an entirely peaceful state. According to science, the gamma waves are between 20-25 Hz when the mind is at a state of rest during meditation. This state is called the eternal spiritual state and it is in this state where there is a connection with the spiritual power.

Through meditation, Tibetan Buddhist Monks have been able to regulate the body temperature and heartbeat at unrealistic levels.Meditation has always been encouraged by spiritual teachers and therapists who firmly believe that meditation benefits humans in several ways. They also believe that both the mind and the body benefit from meditation. Meditation helps in energizing your soul and relaxes your body.

One of the most common techniques of meditation is breathing. There are different kinds of breathing exercises which aid in meditation. Breathing exercises is an age-old practice in India and it is called Pranayama. In China, it is known as Chi.It is believed that the flow of energy from one’s breath has the power to heal your body. This energy flow helps in stimulating and balancing the flow.

Massage Therapy to Relieve your Body Pain and Stress

hands and feet are the main massage points

In massage therapy, the hands and feet are the main massage points which help reduce pain in the body. The hands and the feet feature reflexology points which correspond to the whole body, including the head, ears, neck, eyes, nose, and mouth. This is the reason why therapists claim that massaging your hands is not only soothing for the hands but also helps to relieve headaches.

headaches massage

One of the ways to get an instant relief from body pain is by placing the thumb on the cheekbones and start rubbing them gently with minimal pressure. Gradually the fingers should move up to the forehead along the hairline, and as you maneuver your fingers with the minimum pressure exerted on your forehead, it will soothe your headache. One can be relieved from stress and tensions instantly.

Massaging Techniques

There are different massaging techniques one can follow. One of them is when you stretch the fingers of your hands and rub them together, starting from the base to the tip. Later begin twisting your fingers as you move. You should then keep your palm on your lap facing upwards, and start squeezing them moving upwards, that is from wrist to thumb base.

The last step in the massage is massaging your hand, rubbing your entire palm with your thumb and applies pressure on tender points of your hands. These simple glide strokes help to soothe your body pain.

The exercise not only helps in relieving the stress from your shoulders but will help to develop strong muscles at the same time.

In order to have a healthy body and mind, one must include meditation and frequent massage as a part of one’s daily routine. Massages and meditation are one of the easiest ways to relieve stress and enjoy life to its fullest.