Top 5 Car Parts Vehicle Owners Should Know About

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June 21st, 2018   |   Updated on July 21st, 2018

Every car has complex parts that help in the efficient functioning of the automobile. For instance, belts and fluids are crucial for the proper functioning of a car engine. Today, the manufacture of car parts has moved to another level throughout the globe. The car parts are being manufactured with precision and technological advances.

Modern vehicles have become more complex with more electronic parts than the traditional cars of the past. Although there are many complex parts in modern vehicles, some parts are common and essential to be used in different car models. The following are, the top car parts to know about.


1. The Engine

The engine is the most important part of an automobile. Different types of fuels used in engines include ethanol, diesel, petrol, electricity, and ethanol. The performance of a car depends on how strong the engine is. The engine is also described as the heart of a vehicle.


2. Brakes

Brakes is another important part of the car. The brakes are used for reducing and halting the car during movement. Hydraulic fluid is transmitted through pipes to the car wheels when brakes are applied. It is obvious that the failure of the brake system can lead to accidents which are a threat to human life.

In fact, most accidents occur because of brake system failure because drivers cannot control their cars during such times. However, with modern technology, sensors are installed in cars so that the vehicle can sense the necessity to take action and brake.

Previously, the braking system relied on human intervention. Whether one has a manual or automatic car, it is important to maintain brake parts such as the brake pads.


3. Oil Filters

Imagine the places cars take their owners. Sometimes, the environment is so harsh and the terrain rough. It is the oil filters that prevents dust and debris from reaching the engine oil. Failure to which the engine oil can be harmed by reducing the engines efficiently. The oil filters are classified as highly efficient due to their ability to segregate materials from the engine oil.


4. Gear Box

The gear box is also known as transmission. It transfers power from the engine to the vehicles wheels. A gear box is available in two types: an automatic and manual model. The speed of the vehicle can be increased by transferring power to the wheels by changing different scales on the gear. However, with automatic vehicles, the gear changes automatically.


5. The Chassis

The chassis supports various parts of the vehicle, the axles, engine, steering, brakes, and tires. It is referred to as the frame of the vehicle. Most chassis are made of light material like steel or even aluminum. The work of the chassis is to keep the car stiff and to reduce noise and vehicle vibration.

The different types of chassis used in vehicles include: monochrome chassis, ladder chassis, and backbone chassis. Choose a chassis that is built using steel as it is more durable and it also has strength.



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