15 Cheap And Useful Car Accessories Under $40 That You Actually Need

Cheap And Useful Car Accessories Under $40

July 16th, 2018   |   Updated on January 18th, 2019

Every car loves to spend that extra on accessorizing his new or current set of wheels. While accessories like after market alloy wheels, new upholstery and audio upgrades cost a lot, here is our list of ten important, and must-have accessories that won’t create a hole in your pocket.

Cheap And Useful Car Accessories

Pimp your ride and make it more user-friendly than ever before without breaking the bank by doing yourself a favor and looking through this cheap and useful in-car accessories under $40 gift guide.

We’ve packed this list full of inexpensive yet extremely useful items that range from car seat and trunk organizers to keep your ride from looking like a total pigsty, to a posture improving seat cushion, and also a handy car seat gap catcher that will prevent small items from falling into the black holes between your seats.


1. Car Seat Gap Catcher

Stop having loose change, pieces of food, cell phones, or even your car keys fall into that merciless black hole between your car seat and the center console. This car seat gap catcher works for any car, simply slide it in place and the gap will be completely filled!

Review –
Ipurchased these for a new car and I’ve had them a couple months but this weekend they proved their value beyond a dropped french fry. My sweet 4 month puppy was sick and puked but not a single drop of liquid fell down between the seats!

The material soaked up enough of the fluid to keep it from seeping into the threads of the seats or splashing around before I could pull off the highway. It was SOOO much easier to clean up than had I not had these guards. Get One…Price is- $19.99


2. Car Interior Lighting System

Take your car from a certified hoopty to a Fast and Furious extra with the car interior lighting system. With up to 7 eye-popping colors to choose from – in addition to various lighting effects – the possibilities for eye catching impromptu parties in your car are endless.

Review –

CONS: I believe 3m tape on it might have been best only for the passenger and driver side. They mount with zip ties or screws, keep in mind the screws are so horribly small and when mounting them up front it is very hard to do and probably just end up stripping them out.

I ran across newer lights in autozone that appeared flexible and newer style of lighting for a cheaper price point but I do not know the true quality of these etc. Wish it had a feature to adjust brightness of the lighting.

PROS: The zip ties end up being convenient mounting them all around the vehicle. The mic is a nice feature for the music enactment. Lots of features to the light modes.

Easy installation, the LED GLOW people also have step by step youtube videos showing you how to install them which is very nice of them.

Long wiring to make the accessibility easy and achievable. They provide with everything to make this happen inlucding the zip ties, screws, and as well the in line fuse. Good affordable price. Buy One…Price is- $34.99


3. Car Seat Caddy

Keep your belongings from falling into the black hole located between your car’s seat and center console using this car seat caddy. It’s made from high quality PU leather and is designed to fit gap sizes between .75 -1.5 inches.

Review –
I am very pleased with the car seat catchers. Item is perfect fit for my Ford Escape that doesn’t have a lot of storage space for phone, notebook, pen etc. I am pleased with the quality of the product.

The color is a little more yellow than I expected but I can live with it for the extra space it gives me to put items I want close by. Get One…Price is- $19.97


4. Mesh Car/Trunk Organizer

Keep your vehicle looking spick-and-span at all times with help from this mesh car/trunk organizer. Available in black or beige, it’s designed to mount easily to your car’s headrest and is crafted from a reinforced mesh that make it ideal for holding heavy objects.

Review –
I love this organizer! As a mom with three young children organization is key to making my life easier. I was fed up with a heavy diaper bag and had extra items thrown into other bags in the car. It wasn’t working at all.

I bought this and put in extra diapers, wipes, change of clothes and underwear for each child, non-perishable snacks, an extra pacifier, a portable folding car potty with liners and I still have two slots empty.

I can see this evolving to hold many things over the years. Really has worked well so far. Buy One…Price is- $27.99


5. Car Seat Organizer

Keep your car from looking like a pig sty by keeping everything in place using this car seat organizer. This handy device securely latches onto your car’s front seat to provide storage for everything from tissues to water bottles inside an insulated compartment.

Review –
UberSal here working Washington dc area with Uber 2 years now. This Backseat organizer is awesome! Don’t understand the reviews under 5 stars?

Just today I got a $20 cash tip from a passenger because of this product. It holds all the 8 oz. water bottles perfect. No need to for bigger than that or to put ice that could leak.

Keep It dry and room temp is fine. It also has 2 faciners that hugs the backseat tight & plenty of leg room for a 6’4 passenger to seat comfortably. Also I use the top zipper portion to put extra 8 oz. Bottles of water with 2 throw up bags.

The zipper is sturdy with some reviewers being rough when if you gently zip it up you will not tear it up. The See pic on how I creatively set it up to Earn more tips as an Uber driver. Buy One…Price is- $9.99


6. Posture Improving Seat Cushion

Avoid back pain by optimizing your posture anywhere you sit using this posture improving seat cushion. The cushion fits nearly anywhere, can handle up to 300 pounds and is designed to tilt your hips upright so your spine remains in a relaxed and upright position.

Review –
I was having issues with a tingling sensation in my legs and my feet feeling numb. I tried a lot of different cushions, chairs, etc, but nothing worked.

I bought this on a whim, hoping it would work and it did. It helped beyond my expectations.

I started to use it just at home, but noticed when I went to work the same symptoms came back. I bought a second one for work. Great product. Buy One…Price is- $39.99


7. Car Vent Phone Mount

Ensure your phone is always at hand when you need it by keeping it in the car vent phone mount. This handy pocket sized accessory latches on to the car’s air conditioning vents so that you can use your phone without having to hold it in your hand.

Review –
I’ve owned all the previous generation Kenu’s and given them as gifts. I love it despite the fact that my phone ends up angled away from me against my vent. With the Kenu Pro, I’m able to angle the phone more vertical so that it’s much easier to see.

The new push mechanism to mount on the vent works wonderfully as does the 360 swivel. It’s been completely solid in my drive test so far. The swivel is very easy to adjust so I worry that it may loosen up over time but it’s totally solid in holding my phone steady.

There are many knock offs but you really go get a higher quality product for the price. Buy One…Price is- $19.95


8. Ultimate Car Seat Organizer

Keep your ride from looking like a pigsty by outfitting it with the ultimate car seat organizer. It’s made from a tough polyester fabric with cotton edging, and is designed with a series of zippered pockets and mesh compartments ideal for storage.

Review –
My new compact SUV lack storage space in the console and doors. Bought this a year ago because of the two zippered compartments as well as the other easy-to-use pockets.

I can store my cleaning supplies and small valuables out-of-sight. I use the top mesh pockets to store spare sunglasses and a microfiber cloth in case I need to wipe off view-hindering condensation from my exterior glass.

I keep two umbrellas in the round pockets and/or a spare container of water. The construction is top notch, very durable, and installation is easy and secure.

The only thing I want for is for it to be made in black as well as the gray. Black would match my seats.

They gray is not dark, in my opinion – it is a rich, medium gray. This was the best purchase for my new SUV and highly recommended! Get One…Price is- $29.99


9. Heated Car Seat Cover

Keep your tooshie nice and warm during long drives on cold days by outfitting your ride with this heated car seat cover. It comes with a small control that allows you to adjust the temperature, and features elastic bands so that you can securely attach it to your seat.

Review –
Researched all the seat warmer options on her and decided on this one based on reviews, features, etc. Got this for my dad for Christmas as his old car does not have heated seats and he freezes in the morning. He called me just to tell me how great it was and how much of a difference it makes.

One thing to note – it seems this only heats up when you are sitting on it, there must be some kind of sensor as a safety check.

He plugged it in to get it warm before he started driving but it didn’t actually start warming up until he was sitting on it.

Great product – not nearly as good as the in-built ones but it does the trick and is much better than nothing! Would definitely recommend. Buy One…Price is- $29.99


10. Car Vacuum Cleaner

Car Vacuum Cleaner

Are there constantly food crumbs, beach sand, dust or dirt on your car upholstery and floors? Is your car interior always dirty after a ride with the kids? ThisWorx portable car vacuum cleaner is here to remove the dirt from everyday messes and outdoor adventures quickly and effortlessly anywhere you are!

Review –

Great product!! Very impressed with the integrity and heart of this family business. Buy One…Price is-$27.65


11. 2-in-1 10W Wireless Car Charger For Qi-enabled Phones


Made to make charging on the faster and simpler, our wireless charging vent phone mount lets you keep your phone safely attached to the AC outlet while delivering a stable and fast charge!
With an anti-slip design and 360 Adjustable Knob, this wireless charger auto mount uses a gravity design to let you slip your phone into the wireless mount where the two arms will automatically embrace it to keep it steady even on a bumpy road.

Compatible Phone Models:

Supports 10W Fast Wireless Charging For:

Samsung Galaxy S9,S8,S8 plus,S7,S7 edge/S6/S6 edge/S6 edge plus/Note 5

Review –
I’m glad I listened to my friend who suggested this wireless charge phone holder to me. It was easy to install, Fits my samsung galaxy edge 8 well even with a case. I don’t have to worry about my phone falling under the seats when I take turns, It’s great when using the GPS function on the phone you don’t have to keep looking for your phone its right there. I also bought one for my Father and he loves it.

Pros: Stable phone holder with no vibration, all functions finished by one hand, charging mode blue light which is so fancy

Cons: As some others said the charging speed is intermittent but the customer service provided report to show the charging speed depends on different percentage of power. It protected the phone won’t be charge overheat.

I would defiantly recommend to friends & family. Get One…Price is-$19.99


12. ESSENTIAL Car Auto Insurance Registration Black Document Wallet Holders 2 Pack

Car Insurance Registration Document

ESSENTIAL Car Auto Insurance Registration BLACK Document Wallet Holders 2 Pieces

Review –
It’s perfect. Now whenever I get pulled over by the cops, I can just whip out my snazzy car insurance/registration holder and wow the local law enforcers. Too bad it can’t catch my tears. Buy One…Price is- $4.55


13. Multi-functional Car Duster Cleaning Dirt Dust Clean Brush Dusting Tool Mop Gray car cleaning products Brand New

Multi-functional Car Duster Cleaning Dirt Dust Clean Brush Dusting Tool Mop

100% Brand new and high quality. Material: Cotton +plastic. Strong water absorption, soft and delicate. Can be used for washing, waxing, cleaning, dust and high-grade household items to clean. Size: length: 29cm/ width: 10cm.

Review –
I may get made fun of for having one of these, but I truly use it religiously. I’ve had microfiber rags before, and they don’t work like this.

The handle allows me to reach farther, and the soft bristles get inside little crevices to make everything clean. I would say it lasts about 3 months before you should get a new one (not because it breaks, because germs. Buy One…Price is- $6.88


14. KDL Car Auto Garbage Trash Can Automotive Waste Storage (Blue)

Car Trash

100% Brand New and High Quality.
It is a mini car dustbin, also you can use it to hold pen, ruler, knife etc. in the office room or study room.
As a car trash, it can suit for most car, the size is very appropriate.

  • Material : Plastic(ABS)
  • Approximate Size: 6 x 9 x 15 CM
  • Weight: 112g
  • Color: Blue

Review –
I bought one of these at first to test the product and determine how useful it would be. After having it for one day, I was supremely impressed and I ordered three more for the rest of my car doors. My 8 year old son loves having a dedicated place to throw his trash now, and I love that!

I originally placed small dog waste baggies in them which fit okay, but decided that they cut down on capacity and made the door flap operation a little less fluid, so I removed the bags.

They work flawlessly without having baggies in them, and my son knows he just needs to wrap his gum (or anything sticky) in paper before discarding it.

And, the robin egg blue-ish color actually matches the Ice Blue ambient color setting, as well as the illuminated door sill plates (the photo doesn’t pick up the color of the illuminated plate, but it’s nearly a perfect match) and the backlighting of most of the buttons in my Edge, which is a classy look. I would highly recommend this product! Get One…Price is- $7.99


15. Car Interior Lights, EJ’s SUPER CAR 4pcs 36 LED DC 12V Waterproof Atmosphere Neon Lights Strip for Car-Car Auto Floor Lights,Glow Neon Light Strips for All Vehicles (Pink)

Car Lights

These LED Atmosphere Lights add infinite romance to your loved car and keeps you in a good mood every day! ?Features:

One set of atmosphere lights, including 4 LED lights and 1 cigarette lighter,One side adhesive 3M tape available for installation ?

ON-OFF switch on the cigarette lighter,Length of each light bar: 14.3cm,Cable length: 1.5M ?Double-side adhesive tap available for installation.

It can be used on the car interior floor or dash. Easy to install, no damage to your car ,Adding infinite romance to your loved car, make it more fashionable.

Low power consumption and energy saving, long service life that reaches up to 5,000 hours .Specifications:

  • Emitted color: Blue/Light blue/Pink&Purple/Red/White/7 Colors(optional)
  • Life time: 5000-10000 hours
  • Voltage: DC 12V
  • Installation Method: it can be plugged into the cigarette lighter socket, without any modification.
  • LED size: 22 * 1.2 * 0.6cm

Review –
I ordered these again bc the first time one of the strips wasn’t working but they did a return/refund super quickly. Honestly i’m not mad at these at all. They look really nice. Also I love that they have that power button on there so you can turn them on and off whenever you please. Buy One…Price is- $14.99