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9 Christmas Gift Ideas For Every Music Lovers

Christmas Gift Ideas For Music Lovers

June 25th, 2018   |   Updated on June 30th, 2022

It can be hard to find Christmas gifts for music lovers in your life, these are people who are always singing in the shower or constantly tapping their feet.

Christmas Gifts For Music Lovers

All of us have different musical preferences and tastes. However, there are some good Christmas gift ideas that might just resonate with most music lovers.

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Below are some very interesting Christmas gift ideas that both casual music lovers and non-casual ones can appreciate, the list encompasses things from both the analog and digital realms:

1. A turntable

Christmas Gifts For Music Lovers

Vinyl has made its return. Currently, there are numerous budget turntables that are available on the market for purchase.

It is not good to get a cheap turntable as it might just ruin your records but there are many affordable ones as a compromise.

A good example of a budget turntable of high quality that you might want to consider is the U-Turn’s Orbit. This is because it is properly constructed, it is durable and plays records well.


2. A ticket holder

Christmas Gifts For Music Lovers

The person that you want to get a gift for might already own vinyls they adore. A good alternative would be a high-quality ticket stub.

If they are stuck on the wall, chances of them getting damages are quite high depending on what is used to do it.

Buy a ticket shadow box as it is an ideal and stylish way by which to conveniently highlight every show that an individual has attended in the past. It allows users to easily pluck tickets for the sake of reminiscence as well as for bragging rights.


3. Bluetooth headphones

Christmas Gifts For Music Lovers

You can never go wrong with top notch Bluetooth headphones. This can be enjoyed while running errands, doing chores and while you exercise.

They are good particularly when one is commuting as it makes the trip interesting. Look for a brand that is comfortable and has good sound quality.


4. Earbuds

Christmas Gifts For Music Lovers

If the individual who you are buying a Christmas gift for prefers using earbuds then you can get the Master & Dynamic ME05 Earphones.

They are slightly pricey but completely worth your hard-earned money. It exhibits high sound clarity and comes with 4 earbud tips of various sizes to fit any ear.

In addition, they have a convenient clip that prevents them from easily falling when you are walking.


5. A DAC

Christmas Gifts For Music Lovers

Any open-minded music lover would really appreciate a DAC i.e. Digital-to-Analog Converter. It is a device that is fitted in almost all digital devices, its work is to convert files into sound.

A standalone DAC is very useful as it makes even old music sound better and clearer. Dragonfly Black can suffice here.


6. Record sleeves

Christmas Gifts For Music Lovers

This can be the perfect Christmas gift for a music lover who owns a growing record collection. Record sleeves can really help to maintain the records in pristine shape.

Any serious record collector should have record sleeves in their music arsenal. A good example of high quality record sleeves is BCW 33 RPM Record Sleeves.


7. Anti-static record brush

Christmas Gifts For Music Lovers

This record collecting accessory is very much overlooked by most people but can be a good Christmas gift for many music lovers.

Records are known to have dust and static accumulate on them over time resulting in undesirable distortions and pops that ruin record-listening experience.

Check out anti-static record brush it is durable and simple to utilize.


8. Bluetooth speaker

Christmas Gifts For Music Lovers

A blue-tooth speaker of top-notch quality would is a thoughtful yet state-of-the-art gift that you can get a music lover for Christmas.

Go for one with a large rechargeable battery, many hours of playtime, high durability and is very portable.


9. Guitar and Ear Plugs

Christmas Gifts For Music Lovers

The Christmas gift list above is not exhaustive as there are many other gifts that you can get your music lover such as guitar with some special acoustic filters, streaming subscriptions, miniature synchs etc and convenient accessories like ear plugs designed for music.

If you’re loved one is newbie in playing guitar, you can ask them to learn how to play guitar online. Christmas gifts do not have to be only material things; paid services of a musical nature can also work.

The suggestions above are thoughtful, interesting and unique Christmas gifts that might win the heart of music fanatics you want to impress. Christmas does not have to be a stressful affair.