25 Strange Thoughts, Couples Haves In A Serious Relationship


August 17th, 2018   |   Updated on June 30th, 2022

As we know romantic relationships are important for our happiness and well-being. Yet with more than 40 percent of new marriages ending in divorce, it’s clear that relationships aren’t always easy.

In a serious relationship, a couple starts having weird thoughts. Here are 25 strange thoughts, couples haves in a serious relationship.


1. Maybe we should each make one of those laminated lists of the five celebrities we’re allowed to sleep with if we ever get the chance.

Sleep Together


2. At what point is it acceptable and/or necessary to propose a threesome?

Signs You’re Actually In A Healthy Relationship


3. Have I found the best genetic match for my sperm/eggs?

Signs You’re Actually In A Healthy Relationship


4. I wonder if our hypothetical kids will inherit his/her [insert best and worst physical characteristics].



5. I wonder what dirty secrets my boyfriend/girlfriend has left to share. I know they’re in there.



6. What if our kids turn out to be sociopaths or just people we don’t really like all that much?

Sing Loud


7. If one of our kids is a genius, or a natural born performer, or an outstanding athlete with Olympic potential, which one of us would shelve their career to manage the little ones?



8. Who will be the hotter old person, and what will we each look like when we’re wrinkly and incapable of wiping our own ass or bending over to put our own shoes on?

Happy Journey


9. What if one of the usages dramatically faster than the other?

A Walk


10. What kind of ailments will each of us develop as the years go by?

Garden Girl


11. Maybe we should look into cryogenics so we can preserve our bodies at below freezing temperatures together, and eventually meet our great great great grandkids.



12. Maybe we’ll be one of those couples that stay best friends forever, and eventually die, holding hands, within minutes of each other.

Spice Up Your Relationship


13. Could we handle a true crisis together?

Spice Up Your Relationship_7


14. How long would we last in the world of The Walking Dead (we all know it’s totally possible), constantly on the move, desperately seeking food and shelter? Which one of us would break first?

Couple Forever


15. If one of us needed to for whatever terrible reason, would they be able to eat the other to survive?

See The Brightside


16. Maybe we apply to appear on Naked and Afraid so we can see if our survival skills are well matched.



17. Would my partner kill to save me?

Girlfriend Duties In A Relationship


18. I really hope neither of us gets cancer. Would I even be a good nurse?

Maintain A Healthy Relationship


19. If we ever win the lottery and become mega rich overnight, would it change the dynamic between us?

Relationship Lessons Learned On Life And Love


20. If my significant other could climb inside my head and read all my deepest, darkest thoughts, would they still love me as much?

Relationship Advice For Couples


21. Do I really have it in me to do this monogamy thing forever?

Feel Me


22. If I cheated, would I have the strength to lie about it?

Kiss Me


23. Will this person always be right for me?



24. I’ve met such a tiny percentage of the world’s population. What if there’s someone slightly more right for me out there currently residing in Thailand, or Russia.

strange thoughts, couples haves in a serious relationship


25. What if one of us develops a serious addiction?

Alone Girl