Crunchyroll Down: Streaming Interruption Alert


August 19th, 2023   |   Updated on November 14th, 2023

Crunchyroll, a prominent American website, offers a global platform for streaming East Asian content such as anime, manga, drama, music, gaming, and auto racing, fostering an international online community.

Crunchyroll Down? Current Problems And Outages

On August 19, 2023,, a website known for tracking and reporting outages, displayed a series of user-reported issues plaguing different online platforms.

The statistics revealed that a significant number of users, approximately 88%, faced problems related to video streaming. This indicates the crucial role that seamless streaming plays in our digital lives.

Additionally, around 8% of the reported issues pertained to difficulties with accessing websites, underlining the importance of a stable online presence for businesses and individuals alike.

A smaller percentage, about 5%, reported problems with server connections, highlighting the intricacies of maintaining a reliable digital infrastructure.

Crunchyroll Down


Amidst these discussions, Twitter users took to their feeds to share concerns about the well-known American website, Crunchyroll.

Renowned for its vast collection of East Asian content, including anime, manga, drama, music, gaming, and auto racing, Crunchyroll has cultivated an international online community.

Is Crunchyroll down at the moment?

However, recent reports suggested that the website was experiencing downtime, preventing users from accessing its offerings.

This instance not only underscores the worldwide popularity of such platforms but also highlights the challenges they face in maintaining uninterrupted service.

As our reliance on digital platforms continues to grow, instances like these remind us of the intricate web that connects our digital experiences.

Update 1 [September 7, 2023]

At 12:44 pm (IST), Crunchyroll users have begun reporting fresh server problems on the anime platform.

Update 2 [September 14, 2023]

Many user reports indicate issues with various services, such as Crunchyroll Premium presale not functioning and problems with the Hatsune Miku Expo code, among others.

Update 3 [September 22, 2023]

3:19 AM (IST): Multiple Crunchyroll users are reporting that the servers are down and it doesn’t work on Google Chrome.

Update 4 [October 03, 2023]

7:34 AM (IST): Multiple Crunchyroll users are reporting that the servers are down

Update 5 [October 12, 2023]

At 03:13 PM (IST), more than 1300 users reported on that Crunchyroll’s server was down, and users couldn’t load anything on any part of the app or website.

Update 6 [November 01, 2023]

Crunchyroll, the anime and manga video streaming site, reported user-facing video streaming and login-related issues on, PS5, and many users reported that Crunchyroll’s server is down.

Update 7 [November 14, 2023]

At 12:53 AM (IST), many users reported that Crunchyroll is currently down, experiencing constant delays, video crashes, a broken streaming service, and other interruptions.

Feature Image Source: crunchyroll