Curcumin’s Effect On Health

Curcumin’s Effect On Health

Published on July 25th, 2020

Turmeric is a spice that has been since ages used for cooking and other purposes in Asian countries.

Both medical experts and culinary kings vouch for its good qualities and one of its main ingredients is polyphenol Curcumin.

It helps in managing inflammatory diseases and ailments like arthritis, anxiety, and others. If the person affected is suffering from the soreness of muscles due to exercising, the use of turmeric betters the performance and jeeps them fit to face harder workouts.

However, just consuming Curcumin does not provide the above benefits as it is not easily available otherwise.

For example in Black pepper, Curcumin is found along with Piperine thus increasing its availability by 2000%. Read on to know the real health benefits that you may get from Curcumin usage.


Turmeric is an herbaceous plant and a major source of Curcumin. The medicinal properties of the same have been investigated since long but received importance only in recent times.

Curcumin is used in Asian countries as a medicinal herb due to anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and antimutagenic properties it boasts of having. Apart from that Curcumin is beneficial for kidney health as well.

However, Curcumin singularly is not found and its usage is preferred along with any agent like Piperine found in black pepper.

In India, Curcumin is found in Turmeric and used as a popular spice whereas in Japan and Thailand it is used in Teas and cosmetics respectively.

Malaysia sees its use in form of antiseptic whereas in the USA it is an active ingredient of tablets, capsules, energy drinks, soaps, and cosmetics.

Types Of Action

1. Antioxidant

Curcumin by and large has been found to handle oxidative stress in the best manner possible. It is equipped to increase the performance of anti-oxidants like superoxide dismutase.

Curcumin’s effect on free radicals was also monitored and the results tabulated. It was found to scavenge various forms of free radicals and modulate their activity as well. A lipophilic compound Curcumin is also treated as a chain-breaking antioxidant.

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2. Anti-Inflammatory

Oxidative stress is the precursor for many serious ailments. Worse is that its pathological processes are linked to inflammation as well.

Inflammation if escalates causes diseases that reach extreme proportions. Some of them are Epilepsy, Cerebral injury, cancer, cardiovascular disease, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s, and more.

Tumour necrosis factor is supposed to calm down inflammation and Curcumin is considered to have the ability to suppress the activation of agents which can cause inflammation and lead to an escalation of any diseases.

3. Arthritis

Osteoarthritis is a chronic condition and is known to affect nearly 250 million people all over the world. Initially, it was considered a degenerative disease with no relation to inflammation.

However recent studies indicate its connection with systematic inflammation. There is no major cure for the problem and whatever medical intervention can be induced it leads to harmful side effects as well.

This has led to a gradual increase in finding an alternative and healthy treatment method. Studies conducted show consumption of Curcumin leads to a decrease in oxidative stress which in turn reduces the pain and suffering.

The group treated showed a fall in all the markers that show there is an inflammation in the body. There is no conclusive evidence of the manner in which Curcumin impacts the treatment of arthritis but the benefits cannot be denied.

4. Metabolic Syndrome

Curcumin not only benefits in the case of Arthritis it also influences the growth of many other ailments.

One of them is Metabolic syndrome which means insulin resistance, hypertension, hyperglycemia, obesity, and high cholesterol levels. Curcumin improves insulin sensitivity, reduces inflammation and blood pressure, and controls oxidative stress as well.

Obesity and weight gain both are related to low-grade inflammation even though how it influences is something that is not yet clear.

A trial conducted on 36 obese adults shows a vivid decrease in the levels of triglycerides in the body however levels of total cholesterol remained largely the same.

Healthy People

The majority of studies conducted so far with regards to Curcumin have been conducted on healthy individuals.

This is because for healthy individuals noticing the benefits produced is slightly difficult as they have no other ailment. Even cross-comparisons can be difficult as the users take in various levels of Curcumin to notice any changes.

In a study conducted on random 30 obese individuals, they were provided 1 gm curcumin for consumption every day. After 30 days the consumption pattern was changed once again.

The Beck anxiety inventory and Beck depression inventory for all of them were calculated. After 4.6 and 10 weeks of consumption, the mean Beck anxiety inventory showed a visible decline.

Side Effects

Curcumin has been proved to be safe for consumption. Organizations confirm the daily consumption standards of Curcumin to be around 0-3mg/kg.

Trials conducted on healthy subjects have also proved the efficacy of Curcumin. However, despite this, some subjects also faced side effects like nausea, headache, rash, and yellow stools.

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Curcumin is being noticed worldwide for its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties majorly. However, the true impact of these benefits is seen when Curcumin is consumed in combination with any other item like Piperine.

Research also confirms that slight consumption of curcumin every day is also beneficial for those who do not have any serious ailments as such.