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17 One Liners That Will Kill Any First Date

Classic Quotes About Sex-9

June 21st, 2017   |   Updated on March 1st, 2024

1. I love you.

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2. I’d like to tell you about my Lord and Savior.

Classic Quotes About Sex-9


3. Want to meet up for kisses?

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4. Your skin is perfect for my new lampshade.

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5. I’m just a normal brony who loves Nickelback.

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6. My favorite band is Mumford and Sons…..

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7. My moms calling, give me an hour.

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8. I shall think about you in the shower tonight.

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9. How much sex before we get married?

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10. Your children need to leave if I come over.

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11. Our babies would be so cute!

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12. Wow, you’re fatter in person.

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13. If we are going to keep dating, I need you to lose some weight.

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14. You remind me of my mother!

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15. Technically, on paper, I’m married.

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16. What’s your name again? I forget which date this is.



17. Let me call my parents. I can never order myself.

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source : AskReddit