Top 3 Different Styles Of Shower Cabin


Published on December 12th, 2018

With the right amount of creativity, a shower cabin can easily be customised to fit a person’s lifestyle and preference. If done right, it can give a bathroom a new fresh look that will make it look organised and spacious.

Read further to know about some styles that you can incorporate in your shower cabin to give it a new look.

1. Shower Enclosures


This category pertains to the structure of the cabin. There are certain styles made to fit narrow spaces while others are introduced to make use of a bathroom’s wide area.

  • Quadrant: The structure consists of two flat walls that fit effortlessly in a room’s corner, and one curved wall which gives the illusion of a wider area. This is a popular option for those with small to average homes and bathrooms.
  • Square: Ideal for those who want to be more creative with their shower entrance, its proportionate size is a perfect foundation for all sorts of door types.
  • Rectangle: Opt for a rectangle enclosure if your bathroom permits it. The large bathing area will attract those people who are not a fan of cramped spaces.


2. Styles Of Enclosures

9. If you have a bathroom that shares a wall with your bedroom, build a fireplace between the two to keep both warmed by a calming fire.

While glass is a very desired look, there are a variety of options available to act as an enclosure. Below are some ideas you can use for revamping your bathroom.

  • Frameless: It’s a coveted option to achieve the sleek, modern look. The lack of frames helps the light reflect clearly around the room making it seem brighter and spacious.
  • Glass blocks: The number of colours and design choices is endless. As the glass blocks are stacked individually, you’ll be free to build it in whichever style you prefer.
  • Textured glass: This type of enclosure material provides optimum privacy while taking a shower, giving the bathroom a touch of design that becomes prettier as water rushes over it.
  • Framed: A framed enclosure is an affordable alternative for the people who cannot avail of the installation of frameless enclosures. Though, lower in cost, if chosen wisely, its frame can make a bathroom look dainty.
  • Tiles and glass: Tiles have a plethora of designs to choose from, together with glass that has an equally large number of styles to choose from; the choices of combinations are numerous.
  • Enclosure: Shower curtains are not the only way you can separate your shower from the rest of your bathroom. Using glass to replace your curtains can instantly give your shower area a clean, sleek look.


3. Types Of Doors

Below are the types of doors you can choose from depending on budget and preference.

  • Sliding or bypass: A door type that is used for small bathrooms because it uses less space to operate.
  • Hinged: It creates a spacious entrance to the shower cabin. While it is ideal to make the shower less cramped, a hinged door is only recommended for those with a large area due to its mechanism.
  • Bi-fold: The folding ability of the door gives the cabin added style without needing the extra area to function.

These are the styles you may wish to try when you install or revamp your shower cabin.