11 Things To Do Before Your Baby Is Born

Do Before Your Baby Is Born

February 24th, 2018   |   Updated on April 17th, 2024

Pregnancy is the best thing that happens to couples. You will be on cloud nine right from pregnancy test to giving birth. As you are eagerly waiting for the arrival of your baby, there are certain things that need to be done before giving berth.


1. Choose a birth announcement

Choose a birth announcement

The birth announcement is one of the greatest ways to introduce your newborn baby to your relatives and friends especially when you are staying far away from them.

You can also make them gather at one particular place and make an announcement. Just send a letter with some extraordinary pictures as an invitation, it will make them happier. For more great new mommy advice visit

2. Buy a waterproof bed pad

Buy a waterproof bed pad

This is one of the best investments because your pillow will not get wasted because of urination and amniotic fluid will do severe damages to your mattress. Don’t go for cheap ones buy quality sheets; this will give you some comfort during the last stages of pregnancy. Sleep should get disturbed to your newbornbabysonline will also help you in finding comfort waterproof bed.


3. Keep your bag packing

Keep your bag packing

You never know when the baby is going to come. So keep the separate bag for you and your baby. Take necessary things with you, this will avoid last-minute headaches. So before the due date, you must make your bag packed and also be prepared to get admitted.


4. Keep your home clean and neat

Keep your home clean and neat

A newborn baby should be kept in the clean and neat environment. You won’t get enough time to clean after discharging from hospital. So before the due date clean your house and also make sure your carpets and other things are also kept clean. And remember You need to keep that baby safe…and here’s how.

5. Choose the right pediatrician

Choose the right pediatrician

Choose the right pediatrician for your baby. It will be much better your baby is treated with the same pediatrician who understands his/her health in a better manner. Choose the experienced ones because they will have the experience of treating critical issues also. Ask your friends or relatives before choosing. Some of the online platforms offer its viewers to review about the particular pediatrician.

So go through it and choose the right one. Some of the pediatricians are also offering “home treatment” options. So you no need to take your baby to the clinic instead they will come to your home and offer treatments.


6. Take enough rest

Take enough rest

Taking rest will keep you stay calm and composed. If you are given birth for the first time it is natural that you will be more nervous and tensed. Taking enough rest and having a light walk at evening will make you feel refreshed at every time.

7. Have some fun with your partner

Have some fun with your partner

No one in this world will give you support and make you feel happy than your partner. Spend some time with your partner. Talk each other about your baby and your future plans. This will give you enough joy.


8. Attend childbirth classes

Attend childbirth classes

Most of the hospitals offering these kinds of classes for first-time mothers. If you are giving birth to your child for the first time and you are unaware of how to change diapers and breastfeeding techniques, you can take these classes. Mostly these classes are offered by hospitals at free of cost. This will give you a clear idea about how to handle a newborn baby.

9. Consult with your gynecologist about your delivery plans

Consult with your gynecologist about your delivery plans

Have a chat with your doctor about your baby and about your health conditions. In case Caesarean is required means you must be prepared for that also. Be frank to ask any questions and doubts and have a chat about your health conditions. This will help your doctor to understand your health condition better and take a right decision during the emergency.


10. Know the basics about breastfeeding

Know the basics about breastfeeding

You should expect your baby to latch on and starts feeding itself. Some moms face problems in handling baby feeding and some of them will have pain in their breast while feeding. So it is better to get to know about the basis of breastfeeding.


11. Surprise your consulting nurses

Surprise your consulting nurses

The job of the nurses is always thankful one. So surprise them with some gifts and cookies after delivery. It will make them happy and will be so kind full towards you. So buy some gifts or prepare some cookies before getting admitted.

Pregnancy is an incredible experience; enjoy it with fun and happiness!!