16 Photos That Totally Look Like Donald Trump

Totally Look Like Donald Trump

Published on August 17th, 2018

The public has always enjoyed a laugh at the expense of renowned real-estate mogul Donald Trump’s ‘interesting’ hair styling decisions, and his controversial and outspoken U.S. presidential has brought his hair to the fore-front of American politics.

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Perhaps some of the things on this list inspire the billionaire’s hairstyles. Of course, if Donald Trump had any say in this he would tell you it’s his hair that is the real inspiration, but we’ll let you decide to look at these 16 things that look just like Donald Trump.


1. Donald Trump’s Hair Is Clearly Styled After This Unique Caterpillar.

Unique Caterpillar


2. Going For That ‘Stable’ Look.



3. Cattitude.



4. Excuse Me, Sir, I Think You Have A Golden Guinea Pig On Your Head!

Guinea Pig


5. People Always Tell Me I Look Like I Could Run For President.

Could Run For President


6. Donald Trump Looks Eerily Like Biff From Back To The Future.

Back To The Future


7. Pony Hair.

Pony Hair


8. Who Wore It Best: Mr. Trump Or Mr. Corn?

Mr. Corn


9. Donald Trump’s Latest On The Road Campaign.

Road Campaign


10. Howler Monkeys Share An Uncanny Resemblance.

Howler Monkeys


11. Trumping Your Cat Is The New Thing To Do.



12. The Donald Trump Donut.

Donald Trump


13. Who Wore The Toupee Best? This Dog Trumps Them All.

Donald Trump


14. If Donald Trump Were A Bird.

A Bird


15. Sushi Hair Don’t Care.

Donald Trump’s Twin


16. When You Start To Resemble A Troll Doll You Might Want A New Hair Stylist.

Donald Trump’s Twin


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