Ease Your Diy Moving By Renting The Right Moving Containers


June 21st, 2018   |   Updated on May 18th, 2022

DIY moving is a huge responsibility. It involves a lot of inventory making, editing, and cross-checks.

Homeowners, who have experience in moving multiple times prefer hiring moving containers to make the task easy.

They are cost-effective, and they can easily store your belongings during the process.

Finding the ideal moving and storage company can be a bit challenging for the first-timers, but a quick run-down of a moving container’s real purpose will help you find one when the time arrives.

1. What is a moving container?

Several moving companies rent out moving containers to their clients. Smart movers often rent as many moving containers as they want, since the leading companies charge for only the containers the customers use.

They are of various sizes and structures. Typically, a smaller container will hold about 1 to 2 bedroom’s stuff, and a large one can hold about 3 to 4 bedrooms’ worth.

The number of containers you need will depend upon the bulk of furniture and their delicate nature. If you have a lot of glass items, you should think about renting at least one container more than the number you feel is necessary.

If you have already changed houses (or apartments) once, you might have a clear idea of how many containers and boxes you need.

For first-timers, consulting a professional packing and moving service might be necessary for accurate estimation. You should check out here to find out how to proceed with the step.

2. What is their purpose?

Almost all standard moving containers are weatherproof, so the movers can work indoors, while the already packaged items can wait outdoors.

If you are concerned about your belongings, always ask for containers that come with a lock-and-key system. The moving company usually ships these to your doorsteps a couple of days before the grand date.

Once you finish packing, the company will haul them to your new home. That is a hybrid moving service. In case, you are unsure about packing your valuables, heirloom furniture, and antiques – you might want to consult a specialized packing and moving service to take charge of the process. Hiring professionals minimize the risk of the process.

3. Can a moving container become a storage container?

As long as these are weatherproof and secure, you can use them as storage containers. Several packing and moving companies offer storage cum moving container rentals on a monthly basis.

You should be able to store them on your personal property (garage or yard), or you can choose to rent a climate-controlled storage facility for the same.

Check for additional fees, rentals, and terms of leases in case you have the intention of using the containers for storage.
Moving containers are often cheap, convenient and customizable. You can choose between various sizes, you can book them in advance, and you can return the unused ones without any rentals.

Using this facility, you should be able to schedule your moving date and keep it flexible to suit your convenience.