21 Ways To Celebrate An Environmentally And Safe Diwali This Year

Environmentally And Safe Diwali

November 5th, 2018   |   Updated on July 18th, 2022

The festival of lights – Deepavali, or Diwali – celebrates the victory of good over evil. The lighting of diyas on a dark, moonless night signifies the end of all things negative. Did you know that diyas lit on the moonless Diwali night signifies the end of darkness of ignorance and the beginning of light that enlightens all? Well, this Diwali enlighten yourself towards the hazards that boisterous celebrations of Diwali poses to our environment.

Now, that you are interested in celebrating an Eco – Sensitive Diwali, the first thing that you need to do is to make yourself aware about the effects the traditional Diwali celebrations has on the Mother Nature.

1. Earthen lamps and candles should be placed safely away from any flammable material like wood, cloth or paper and electric wires.

Safe Diwali This Year


2. Electric lights should never be tied to any metal poles as any leakage of current can energise the pole and give an electric shock to anyone who touches it.

Safe Diwali


3. Don’t burn firecrackers inside the house as this will have a dangerous impact on allergy and asthma patients.

Safe Diwali


4. Never try to re-ignite the fireworks that don’t light in the first instance.

Safe Diwali


5. Only one person at a time should be allowed to light a firecracker. Avoid bursting crackers on terrace and park vehicles at safe place in case of bursting crackers on road.

Make Safe Diwali


6. Children should never be left alone and everyone should use a long candle to light crackers.


7. Purchase firecrackers from authorised dealers and keep them away from children.


8. When lighting fire crackers, wear close-fitting thick cotton clothes instead of loose fitting synthetic clothing and ensure that you keep a bucket of water nearby while lighting fire crackers.


9. Do not get exposed to direct smoke, as it may lead to choking effect. Stay away and cover nose and mouth.


10. Preferable to stay indoors with windows and doors closed. Use an air conditioner or air purifier with a good filter during the heaviest fire works celebrations.


11. Wear a paper or gauze mask to decrease smoke inhalation unless it interferes with regular breathing.


12. Wash your eyes, nose, mouth, hands with warm water after exposure to firecrackers.


13. Keep your medication within reach.


14. Always desirable to seek medical advice at the earliest, in the first sign of breathlessness or severe non-retracting cough.


15. Immediate first aid for eyes is to wash eyes thoroughly with potable water for 25 minutes and in case of serious infection or injury, one should consult an eye specialist within an hour.


16. Buckets filled with water should be kept nearby.


17. Women in later stages of pregnancy should be careful.


18. Avoid using electric lights to illuminate your home. Instead, opt for diyas (earthen lamps) and candles. This saves electricity.


19. Limit usage of firecrackers that emit enormous smoke and sound.


20. Dispose off waste properly after celebrations.


21. Select Eco-friendly gifts and decorating items.


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